I have good news for you: Evander Kane took an awesome pic of himself with an awesome amount of money with an awesome tweet because he is awesome. That’s the pic you’re looking at above, of him in Vegas. And yes, that’s real money.

The tweet was “Hey @FloydMayweather pick up your phone cause I’m callin #imdifferent @jduppal”. That’s extremely wealthy boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather he’s referring to, of course.

This is fun, cause we know how much money the dude makes (hint: lots). We know he’s a young guy. He’s free to do with it what he will, and as Greg Wyshynski pointed out, it’s a lockout, not a strike. And, he seems to want to place long distance calls to Floyd Money. Don’t be mad at him.

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  1. For someone holding stacks of cash, this is an unexpectedly tame photo. I was hoping for one of those plastic booths with the airjets so you’re surrounded by flying money.

  2. I have no problem with the picture, but it’s funny how the players keep undermining the image that the PA is trying to create….also, he’s got nothing on Mike Commodore

  3. he played a couple games in the ashl in Langley a few months ago and parked his Ferrari in the handicapped stall. Real classy guy…..

  4. Love. The. Pic. The optics re the lockout are already so effed up, who cares? Funny.

  5. Evander Make it Rain Kane #kbye

  6. The only reason I’m mad at this photo, is because I’m jealous!

  7. Awesome Picture! for all the Haters! who cares? this world is geting too Sensitive! have a little fun! geez!

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