We know you’re bored with the lockout. We are too. And, being in the business of entertaining (and occasionally informing) you, we figured it was time to do something about this lull.

Thus, we give to you theScore’s Sports Activity Book.

Below are the three hockey pages included. If you want to check out the rest – and believe me, if you’re a sports fan, you should – just click the link above. Shout out to @ScottJohnson48 who put this awesome book together, which was inspired by Bun B’s Jumbo Coloring and Rap Activity Tumblr.

First, let’s play the always-fun game “spot the differences.”

Next, it’s time to colour a bit!

And finally, all those Leafs’ fans out there can embark on a quest through this tricky maze to find the Stanley Cup:

Better luck next time, friends.