If you’re a hockey fan diligently following the NHL lockout, you’re likely following Nick Cotsonika on Twitter, and hopefully reading his columns. To me, he’s been one of the media’s shining stars during this mess – he’s informed and careful in what he does, but allows himself the freedom to speculate on what could be going on, because what’s the harm? He’s more informed than you or I, he might as well let us know which way he thinks things are leaning.

Nick is also a family man, and apparently spent some time last night reading a book to his 5-year old, which sums up the NHL lockout better than any analogy I’ve heard throughout the entire debacle: the melting ice cream cone.

Here’s his fantastic series of tweets that succinctly sum up what’s going on between the NHL and the PA:


As complicated as the whole thing may be legally, that’s basically what this comes down to. Had Gary the Elephant – er, Gerald the elephant just agreed to share right away, he would’ve got some instead of none.

We’ll let Nick bring the conclusion home.

And Nick, we should talk…

Phew. Oh good, you know.