For those of you who don’t feel like getting up in the middle of the night every day after Christmas to watch the World Juniors, we’ve got good news for you: we have seen the future, and we’re willing to share it with you…in 8-bit form.

Here’s our simulation of (exactly) how the World Juniors is going to play out:

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  1. Since when is Canada in orange?

    American’s don’t lose fights like that. Utterly unrealistic.

    What a softy OT goal. Never would happen IRL. THIS IS CRAP!

  2. Totally inaccurate! Canada wears their traditional green jerseys in Ice Hockey. And how did Canada get that penalty in the fight? In Ice Hockey the loser of the fight goes to the box as I recall.

    All kidding aside, great work guys!

  3. It’s sad to say how emotionally invested I got watching that.
    Damn Canadians!

  4. Ah, good ol Ice Hockey with the different body types to choose from. This game and Blades of Steel were/are classics.

  5. Um, wasn’t that just the gold medal game from the 2010 Olympics?

  6. Hmm having all 2′s ?? Canada would at least have one 3 (heavy hitter). Ridiculous simulation !

    • Agree. As a man in his 30s who owned Ice Hockey, you have to go with either 2 skinnies and 2 fatsos, or try 1 skinny with 3 fatsos for the shooting and checking power.

  7. Awesome!!! Memories… :P

  8. Subbans play in net is pretty accurate.

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