A little programming note: throughout the World Junior Championship, the Backhand Shelf Podcast is trading in a letter and going “Vodcast” style, so you’ll be able to see myself, John Noon, and Jake Goldsbie discussing the day’s action. We’ll be keeping the shows tight so they don’t take up your whole day, by focusing on the big game of the day off the top, and wrapping up the other ones towards the end.

For our debut show we hit on:

* Canada’s 9-3 win over Germany

* The performance of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Malcolm Subban and a few other top names

* Did the team’s debut meet expectations?

* Finland wins, but loses a key player

* Sweden beat the Czechs, but are without three first round draft picks on the blueline

* The Russian favourites barely snuck past Slovakia

* And much more. Enjoy!

Audio link:

Downloadable audio here.

Comments (11)

  1. Goldsbie looks like Ryan Braun…

  2. Download audio link available?

  3. So weird listening to poindexter Tobey talk about hockey. No offence but I hated his character in degrassi…. Not as much as I hated Liberty though!

  4. So honestly, how nervous were you guys? Or do you normally video the show?

    • We don’t normally, and like… sort of, but mostly not really? I dunno. Minimal panic, I’ll say.

      • Great Job on the show enjoyed it. Is there’s way to listen to the show in an audio player as well?

      • haha yeah, you guys looked pretty composed. A bit fidgety to start, but definitely no panic. Great work as always and it was fun to get a live viewing. I hope it continues. It’s always interesting putting faces to names/voices.

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