When I watch hockey, I tend to jot down notes about things I’d like to mention in my writing throughout the day. Today the notes got a little voluminous, and I don’t want to trim out too many of the thoughts, so I thought I’d pass them along in their “slightly edited but still bullet point” form.

Here’s what crossed my mind while watching Canada fall behind Slovakia 2-0 and 3-1 before coming back to win 6-3.

Period 1

  • No flow early, choppy game, penalty parade kills flow for players used to getting big minutes
  • Canada’s just not an annoying team to play this year, so they better overwhelm with skill
  • Credit to Slovaks – they don’t look like they know they’re supposed to lose
  • Dougie Hamilton: he’s a question mark for me still. Not sure if I like his game as much as I’ve heard I’m supposed to.
  • The Lipon hit was pretty brutal. Obvious and stupid (check his height and Mikus’). (Mikus is 6’0, as is J.C. Lipon. So, yeah: just dumb then.)

Period 2

  • Scheifele sent to the ice a half dozen times already. Some I don’t blame him, but I gotta believe he’s stronger on his skates than this.
  • Strome scores: So, is the high cycle-fake-drop-to-all-alone a thing now (thinking of Galchenyuk’s goal against Germany too)? Why are people biting on the drop? Freaking stay with your guy.
  • Fuck Drouin is nasty. > MacKinnon so far
  • Good tough play by Rielly in his own zone, but Murphy a major ? in same end
  • Anthony Camara with the hardest hit of all time? Holy shit, genuinely worried for the kid he hit, car accident-like impact. Did I just witness the first guy ever killed in hockey with a shoulder to the chest? The hard part with “charging” is you have to “charge” in on the forecheck as fast as possible to provide pressure. Not gonna hit the brakes before contact, so all forechecking hits are sort of “charges.” Feel for Camara there (note: upon further views, he didn’t charge at all – glided into hit). I like that he didn’t say a word when the penalty came down, just took his meds. Not gonna change ref’s mind.

  • Down to 10 forwards, but they’re young kids… Almost better to have to play best players more (Note: I was absolutely right about this. Once Canada got to actually roll it’s best players, they looked better.)
  • Kills wasting skills, as in, all these penalties are keeping Canada’s talent glued to the bench
  • Check @TheGoalieGuild‘s feed on 3rd goal. To me, odd to have upright left pad and not be in butterfly there. Was over plenty early:

I sent two tweets to him: “Hey, what did you think of the third goal Subban gave up. The left pad being upright…shouldn’t he be in straight butterfly there?” and…

He had responded to someone earlier with this:

  • #Schiefeledown
  • RNH sick zone entry hands. Quick hands are such a noticeable contrast with his composed body
  • Refs quick whistle = more socceresque rolling around, diving?
  • Ty Rattie! Tie game!” Gordon Miller rules
  • Huberdeau is so good.
  • Murphy is absolutely in love with his own ability to skate, which, granted, is exceptional
  • Check MacKinnon’s ice time – haven’t seen him much. (Still working on finding those numbers.)
  • “Great blue collar play today,” Ferraro says of Mark Scheifele, minutes after legitimately crediting him for a “great dive” he referred to as “heady.”

Intermission 2

  • Simple Duthie & McKenzie intermission evaluation is so pleasant. Refreshingly simple.

Period 3

  • Check the Slovaks roster – are they worlds smallest team or am I crazy? How do you avoid the head on hits? (Can’t find one that includes heights, but most of them looked TINY)
  • God damn is the Nuge nifty, great goal
  • “Eberle would tell RNH he should’ve gone forehand backhand roof” – so close, Gord, Jordan. It’s “Backhand SHELF.”
  • Explain how 10 forward rotation works. (Had two Canadians been suspended – they won’t be, only Lipon’s hit is being reviewed – their bench would’ve dropped to 10 players. With 11, you go four lines and a double shifter. With 10, you drop to three lines, and have a four person line, with a player on that line missing a shift every third rotation.)
  • Strome-tacular!, or something. Also: I’m becoming a Drouin fanboy, love that he directed traffic for Wotherspoon on that goal. As in, “Dude, do NOT pass that to me, look, there’s a REALLY open guy.
  • How is Ferraro so in love with Scheifele getting sent to the ice by stiff gusts of wind today? “Man’s game today?” Isn’t it kids that hit the deck over a dozen times in one game?
  • Scheifele is driving me mental
  • Canada’s been in “hang on” mode for the last while. Game final is a conclusion with five left, Slovaks seem beaten
  • Nathan MacKinnon sighting, and holy shit what a move from behind the net
  • Talking points: the major penalties, Subban.

Yup. I’d say that sounds about right. More later in the vodcast!