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We’ve reached a point in CBA negotiations where I’m pretty comfortable writing these words: there’s going to be an NHL season. The NHLPA chose not to decertify, the big issues are no longer the main topics of conversation, and the little details are getting hammered out.

Among those “little” details (which are only little in comparison) that need to get rectified are figuring out how you lower the salary cap when teams are already up against a higher one, and how to avoid huge back-diving contracts while allowing owners/GMs to be creative.

Well, those details are being leaked out today, as you see below via People In The Know. It’s looking like teams will be allowed to buyout two players per team, and that variance in year-to-year salary could be as high as 20%, up from the owners initial suggestion of 5%.

Take it away, credible people:




Okay, so things are coming along. Those amnesty buyouts would occur during the summer after the 2012-13 season – er, sorry, just the 2013 season – and would allow teams to buyout players they feel aren’t worth the money they’re being paid (a nice deal for the bought-out player, really, as bad as it looks on them). We’ve suggested which players may get bought out before here.

So what are the other sticking points right now?




So that’s where we’re at today, hockey fans. Keep checking back, as I’ll be updating this post throughout the day.




Might as well keep that card in your back pocket, I suppose…

And more on today…

Sure, why talk? I’ll just assume they’re sooo close and there’s sooo much time left that there’s no rush.

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  1. Sorry Justin, but this isn’t the first time you have been overly optimistic. It is good they are talking and actually working out details instead of rhetoric for a change but I agree completely with Elliotte, nothing is done until everything is done. Just a couple days ago the guys in the know were tweeting a major stumbling block could be pensions and there has been nada about that since which means to me it is not solved.

    Having said all that I had the chance of a seaon at 0% a couple of months ago and I would say 50/50 now so a case for optimism can be made. But to state there WILL be a season? Bit of a stretch still in my opinion.. which of course really means nothing:)

    • I’m right to be optimistic, as I have been all along. It’s happening, it just had to be pushed to the end. Admittedly, I was wrong for thinking it may not have to go to the bitter end.

      • I admire your glass is half full attitude. I honestly do and I hope you are correct.

        But I am curious about one thing. How much of your attitude is because you really miss the NHL and how much of it is because your job is tied to it. I don’t mean to sound snarky in that comment I am just curious.

        Personally I am tired of the rhetoric and BS from both sides and if the NHL dried up and drifted off into the anals of history I wouldn’t bat an eye. I am enjoying watching junior hockey locally and on tv just fine.

        • I think I’m capable of noting that I miss the NHL and it’d be better for my job if it were to be around, but still admit if things were bleak. Fortunately for me, right now, they really aren’t.

          • Fair enough. Thanks for the reply Justin. I hope you guys keep up the Vodcast formula when the NHL starts up again. I have enjoyed the discussions on the world jrs you three have done.

          • I have been hearing the 19th as a start date for some time now. Things seem to be moving in the right direction – and neither side can really afford to lose another season. I’m 90% sure there will be a season…it’s just a matter of how much head butting Bettman and Fehr do between now and when an agreement is made.

  2. Really? Dreger? Come on Bourne, I thought his tweets were to only be used as punch lines for jokes.

  3. Bye bye Horcoff, albeit three seasons late.

  4. bye bye gomez and komi also

  5. 2 buyouts? jesus.

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