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We’ve reached a point in CBA negotiations where I’m pretty comfortable writing these words: there’s going to be an NHL season. The NHLPA chose not to decertify, the big issues are no longer the main topics of conversation, and the little details are getting hammered out.

Among those “little” details (which are only little in comparison) that need to get rectified are figuring out how you lower the salary cap when teams are already up against a higher one, and how to avoid huge back-diving contracts while allowing owners/GMs to be creative.

Well, those details are being leaked out today, as you see below via People In The Know. It’s looking like teams will be allowed to buyout two players per team, and that variance in year-to-year salary could be as high as 20%, up from the owners initial suggestion of 5%.

Take it away, credible people:




Okay, so things are coming along. Those amnesty buyouts would occur during the summer after the 2012-13 season – er, sorry, just the 2013 season – and would allow teams to buyout players they feel aren’t worth the money they’re being paid (a nice deal for the bought-out player, really, as bad as it looks on them). We’ve suggested which players may get bought out before here.

So what are the other sticking points right now?




So that’s where we’re at today, hockey fans. Keep checking back, as I’ll be updating this post throughout the day.




Might as well keep that card in your back pocket, I suppose…

And more on today…

Sure, why talk? I’ll just assume they’re sooo close and there’s sooo much time left that there’s no rush.