I don’t mean to be disrespectful to Janne Makkonen, creator of the video below when I say “slightly over-cooked,” because the package is exceptionally done. The guy is an absolute master when it comes to emotion-evoking videos, as he demonstrated in “Together We Can, Part One.”

It’s more my annoyance with the NHL coming out there. Companies (like Nike) have figured out that it’s more effective to not sell consumers gear anymore, but to sell them “the idea of hockey.” This is why “History Will Be Made” and “Cup Raise” were such effective ad campaigns for the league. HOWEVER, when the league punts all the fans in the nuts by locking out the players (and in turn, us), “the idea of hockey” seems a bit transparent, and I’m almost developing an aversion to it. Also, I don’t feel like “Is hockey hard?” is a question that anyone ever asks, so…yeah.

Anyway, the point is, the video is professionally done, and well worth a handful of minutes of your day. Hope you like it, you can check out more of Janne’s stuff here, and follow him on Twitter here.