I got tired of using the same old Bettman face picture so here's one of him and Matthew Perry.

Hey guys, things may be happening in CBA negotiations. Uh, again.

I know we’ve been here before but, if you’re like me (and, for your sake, I hope you’re not), you’ve been refreshing Twitter pretty consistently since this whole lockout mess started. This often leads to seeing the same thing reported by 9 different people and, for the most part, this has been rather soul crushing considering the lack of (good) news that has been delivered to us these past few months. However, this may (I cannot italicize “may” enough) be starting to look up. We’ve had a few tweeters tweeting that there may be reason for optimism for those still hoping for an NHL season. After a marathon mediation session yesterday that saw mediator Scot Beckenbaugh traveling back and forth between the NHL offices and the NHLPA’s hotel for twelve hours (and Beckenbaugh deserves so much credit for not only having to put up with these ass clowns for 12 hours but also encouraging talks to continue), there may be some encouraging news coming soon.

Or this could all fall apart like it always does. For some reason, I feel this is more likely.

Anyway, here’s what People Who Know Things have to say.

How it began



Optimism begins



I take this to mean that, if a deal is signed, it would be awful for the players. A good day for the players = #dregerface




And Friedge leaves us with with this.

Ooh, Kypreos card read good.





I knew it. Jeff O’Neill was Eklund the whole time! Also, I don’t believe him.

Today’s Mathieu Dandenault Special…

  And now back to People Who Know Things…

Oh really?


Yay, clutter!


Pretty solid representation of how I’m feeling right now. (Thanks to Josh Gold-Smith for this)

This is almost definitely true. Probably should have seen this coming.

Oh. Crap.

Well, looks like we’re going to be here for a while. Get settled in for a night of refreshing Twitter, everybody. I leave you all, for once, with some optimism.