Nichushkin scores a nice goal, taking the puck across the net (image: CBC)

Today’s final installment of “Bourne’s Notes” (at least until an NHL season starts) focused on Canada’s final game against Russia, in which the scoring chances were An Unreasonable Amount to All of Them. Congrats to Russia. As always, my post-game thoughts are in italics. Without further ado – because there’s a lot of them – here’s the muck that ran through my head while watching the game.

  • Boone Jenner’s first shift: doesn’t pull up on a 50/50 puck, wins it. Learned his lesson, perhaps?
  • Canada looks more composed than yesterday, already had a little zone possession time (give it time, Bourne)
  • Aw, poor Binnington. I mean that sincerely. I mean, what the truck happened there, it got trapped under his pad and he pulled it in? That doesn’t normally go in on *anyone*
  • Russian fans whistle to complain. I kinda like it. If you cat call a Russian girl in North America, maybe don’t move in for a follow-up
  • Jenner seems to prefer giving than taking hits (as we all do), but that’s not the sign of a true “tough guy”
  • Oh my that Russian goal. Nice, but “sticks in passing lanes” may come up on the Canadian bench. Good for Yak. Was that his first goal of the tournament? (2nd)
  • You forget how often guys hit guys from behind, and their opponent is just prepared to take the hit and it isn’t a big deal. Sometimes it’s why the ugly ones happened. “I thought he was braced for it.” (Rattie’s done it twice in the first alone)
  • Nice to see RNH not let Yakupov get too big for his britches when they get to Oil camp by answering
  • Everytime the commentators say “Makarov,” I think of Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life post-Clarence. Y’know the scene, he’s looking for his car… “Muh kar, Muh kar?” (…Sorry, ignore me.)
  • Oh man, I feel really bad for Binnington. You know his parents are watching somewhere just heartbroken for their boy. Shot was through MacKinnon’s legs, who’s also had terrible luck
  • Haha, Huberdeau’s dive. Fuck, I really, really hate that garbage, he’s a big boy. Oh nice, and Scheifele mirrored the dive on the same whistle break. Wouldn’t it be better, long term, if we’re the team others think can’t be put to the ice? Scheifele’s the younger brother constantly tattling to his mom about his brother.
  • Huberdeau scores on an (earned) PP – I should clarify, really like his game, just didn’t like the dive. And credit where credit is due, great shot by Ryan Murphy (though it was his first point of the tourney I think, and he’s on the Canadian PP)
  • Great start by Subban, wow. Way, way too many scoring chances in the first.

 2nd Period

  • Just seeing Drouin on with Strome and Scheifele, would really like to see MacKinnon get a chance to get some real minutes too, alongside good players
  • RNH on lose pucks is a boss. Comes from playing against men, you just realize the new level of “bear down” you have to have. Most juniors havent found it yet
  • The Scheifele goal: I have never seen defensive coverage so poor in my life. Well, aside from Canada vs. US
  • Subban finally gives one up, and all I can think is “man, he’s playing great today”
  • Quite impressed with Strome’s game during this tournament. Feel like he makes a lot of very good offensive decisions
  • I’ve hated on Ryan Murphy a lot in these notes, so I figure I should point this out: halfway through this game, he’s playing very well. At both ends.
  • Straight-faced serious: the only time I’ve heard Nath MacKinnon’s name today was on the Russian goal that went through his legs
  • I swear to god I didn’t tinker with these notes: Ryan Murphy scores. I really should coach.
  • While I’m giving credit to those I’ve hated on: Scheifele isn’t afraid to be first on the puck and take the hit (which I bitched about Jenner not doing, often). …Even if does flop more than a basketball player trying to draw a charge.
  • I need to google Camara’s stats. From what I can tell, his role is “bodychecker,” which to be clear, is not a role (4th season in the O, career high of 33 pts in 66 games until this year – 40 points in 30 games)

3rd Period

  • The second Yakupov goal today kinda reinforces what I said would help the Russians: using each other. Nice, unselfish dish when Kapustin could’ve shot. Nice off-hand one-timer by Yak too
  • It’s almost like the Canadians know it’s a heavily-scouted camp, and they’d rather do well by themselves than their team at times
  • If you hit a guy in the face with your stick, you feel it. Not sure why guys go palm’s up when they get called for it. “Who me? Dude spontaneously started bleeding!
  • How big is Grigorenko? He looks like he’s all the feet tall
  • Wow, loved the Morgan Reilly to Ty Rattie play. Great feed, nice one-timer. Would’ve like to see more Reilly this tournament. Feel like Hamilton and Harrington got the bulk of the minutes. (Really, REALLY wish someone took Time-on-Ice for this tourney)
  • Tell you what: I like the kid who just scored, Brett Ritchie. Boone Jenner might have more tools (not sure he has the hockey mind), but I could see Ritchie being a solid 3rd line NHLer. Lower risk than Jenner, anyway.
  • I would’ve killed to have someone track TOI during this tourney (You mentioned that, yeah). The Ritchie/Danault/Jenner line has played like 30 minutes tonight (and very well), and last game it was RNH’s group.
  • I really hate when guys call for passes with the stick-tap. You can get used to voices, know nicknames, the stick-tap can be anyone. And it’s as subtle as Gilbert Godfried
  • Oh boy. I know Murphy’s had a good game, but maybe let’s stash him away til the next PP. Things are getting dicey here near the end
  • Fun to see that they’ve decided to switch the puck for a reaction ball this period
  • Go upstairs for the review on that. How did that Ritchie backhand stay out? (Saw the replay. Oh, my was it close, and Canada – Scheifele? – had hit the post moments earlier.)


  • Not sure if this is unpatriotic (it is), but now that it’s in OT, I kinda wanna see Russia do it for their fans. Maybe Yak for the hat. Or, y’know, us. That’d be cool too. This ends cool regardless.
  • Did you guys know that Russian girls are both gorgeous and terrifying? I suppose James Bond movies have made that point by now. But it’s true, there were a bunch of Russian exchange students in Alaska when I was in University, dressed to the nines everyday. Anyway, moving on.
  • And therrrrreeeeee it is. Good for them. Good goal, taking it across the net like that.
  • (Oh, and by the way: Ryan Murphy.)

I heard there was some Russian taunting of the Canadians after the game? I take back my “hope Russia wins” point. Is it too late?