USA celebrates gold (image from

The World Junior Vodcasts, sadly, have come to a close. Fortunately, we went out with a good long review of the medal games – hope you enjoy.

We hit on:

* Jordan Binnington’s tough start

* Yakupov’s great game

* John Gibson’s amazing performance

* Canada’s first non-medal since 1998

* And much more


You can listen to it here:


…and download it here.

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed these vodcasts so, so much. They’ve been so great. You provide a good mix of the right consistent and contrasting opinions so that you flesh out the issues of the game on and off the ice. Plus, 20 minutes is a nice bite of time.

    Suggestion: I’d love to see John Noon wear Canada’s hockey hero cape for correctly predicting the US win over Sweden. (Just kidding. Completely, unforgivably cruel.)

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