Good morning, good morning, it’s great to stay up late. Good morning, good morning, to you.

I seriously don’t even know what to do with myself at this point, so I’ve decided to start by bringing you all the news and notes from around Twitter and the blogosphere. Details (and rumours) continue to trickle out bit by bit, so hopefully this helps you put the picture together about when the season will start (likely Jan. 19th), when training camps will start (could be as late as Saturday) and all the rest of the details. Apologies to those of you who don’t care for the Twitter round-ups, but I find it’s the best way to share and source the information.

Let’s start with rumours!










Okay, that was enough on the whole Russian fears…let’s get to some other stuff.







Mirtle always offers excellent analysis, those columns are worth checking out.

Columbus’ beat writer Aaron Portzline has a quote from new team GM John Davidson that I think we’ll be seeing from a lot of people in the coming days…




And what does our friend Pierre LeBrun of TSN/ESPN have to say…



And some technical stuff from Elliotte Friedman of CBC:



As we’ve done in the past when big news is breaking, we’ll keep updating this post throughout the day with all the tidbits you won’t want to miss.

We’re back, bitches!





Things I should personally note that aren’t covered in here: there has been no decision made on whether or not the players will go to Sochi for the 2014 Olympics yet, that will be discussed as a side deal. Rumours, though, indicate that both sides want to go, so that’s good.

Also: I expect a schedule later this week, after the deal is (hopefully) ratified Wednesday.

Time for more…the next one is a fun one: