Every year brings us the unveiling of NHL Stanley Cup odds courtesy Bodog, and as much as it sucks that that day had to come in January, I’m happy to report that they’re up and ready to be gambled on. Not that I gamble or anything, but like, for those people who do. Ahem.

Adam Burns, Sports Book Manager Bodog.ca had this to say about hockey coming back:

“For the book, the NHL being back is very good news as betting on hockey accounts for one quarter of the bets we take in a year. The NBA and College Football picked up some of the slack but with hockey we have a very distinct set of bettors who only bet on the NHL who I am sure are just as happy as us that it is finally back. Our Stanley Cup odds are re-opened with the Penguins leading the way at 8/1 and the Vancouver Canucks as the top Canadian contender at 9/1.”

Below are the odds of every team to win the Cup this year, followed by the odds teams received to win their conferences:

Odds to win the 2013 Stanley Cup

Pittsburgh Penguins                   8/1
New York Rangers                     17/2
Vancouver Canucks                    9/1
Los Angeles Kings                      12/1
Philadelphia Flyers                     12/1
Chicago Blackhawks                  14/1
Boston Bruins                             16/1
Detroit Red Wings                       16/1
St. Louis Blues                            16/1
Minnesota Wild                           18/1
San Jose Sharks                          20/1
Carolina Hurricanes                    22/1
Washington Capitals                  22/1
Buffalo Sabres                             25/1
Edmonton Oilers                       25/1
Nashville Predators                   28/1
Tampa Bay Lightning                28/1
Montreal Canadiens                 30/1
New Jersey Devils                     30/1
Toronto Maple Leafs                30/1
Anaheim Ducks                        40/1
Colorado Avalanche                 40/1
Dallas Stars                               40/1
Florida Panthers                      40/1
Ottawa Senators                       40/1
Phoenix Coyotes                     40/1
Calgary Flames                         50/1
Winnipeg Jets                           50/1
New York Islanders                  66/1
Columbus Blue Jackets          100/1

Thoughts: Too much love for the Penguins (as always), too much love for the Wild (they’ve got the buzz though), a LOT of love for the Oilers, considering they’ve been what, last or second last four straight years, and not nearly enough love for the Coyotes and Senators, which comes directly from them being less-than-popular teams, so Bodog has to offer long odds to get people to bet on them.

Odds to win the 2013 NHL Eastern Conference

New York Rangers                   19/4
Philadelphia Flyers                    7/1
Boston Bruins                           15/2
Carolina Hurricanes                 11/1
Buffalo Sabres                          12/1
Tampa Bay Lightning               12/1
Washington Capitals                12/1
New Jersey Devils                   15/1
Montreal Canadiens                16/1
Toronto Maple Leafs               16/1
Florida Panthers                      20/1
Ottawa Senators                      20/1
Winnipeg Jets                          28/1
New York Islanders                  33/1

Odds to win the 2013 NHL Western Conference

Vancouver Canucks                  9/2
Chicago Blackhawks                  6/1
Los Angeles Kings                      6/1
St. Louis Blues                            7/1
Detroit Red Wings                     15/2
Minnesota Wild                            9/1
San Jose Sharks                        12/1
Edmonton Oilers                        14/1
Nashville Predators                   14/1
Anaheim Ducks                          18/1
Dallas Stars                              20/1
Phoenix Coyotes                       20/1
Colorado Avalanche                   22/1
Calgary Flames                         28/1
Columbus Blue Jackets            50/1

So what say you, hockey fans? Any good value out there for betting?

Comments (29)

  1. If the Yotes and Sens are getting underpriced due to lack of popularity, seems like that argument would apply to Carolina too — which suggests that they think Carolina’s going to be a beast this year.

  2. Caps and Preds seem like reasonably good bets. Preds especially. The Bruins at 16/1 are probably a decent bet, but still surprisingly high given that their goaltending is an unknown, mostly.
    I think Rask is great, but hasn’t seen a heavy enough load to be widely considered good enough to win a cup.

    Having said all that, I won’t bet on any of this, because it’s foolish.

    • It’s not foolish. Pizzola makes more gambling than working! Wake up and smell the French toast. Btw I kinda don’t like hockey…but if I had to pick a cup winner…I would say its the rangers year

  3. Bruins and Blues at 16-1 seem good value.

    • The Blues have some good pieces, but their tandem won’t replicate last year’s success. We’ll see if Schwatrz and Tarasenko can make up the difference or not.

  4. What are the odds of the Penguins winning the East?

    Did you forget a line on the copy/paste?

  5. Carolina looks undervalued.
    And a shocker, Toronto at 30:1 might be worth throwing a $10 bet on, hoping they get Luongo and do somehting they havnet done in 40 years….. probably a fools bet though (as all Leafs bets are)

    • By that logic, the Panthers are an even better bet, seeing as how they were, you know… actually kinda decent even without trading for Luongo.

      • I see Luongo more likely to make a bigger impact on Toronto with their goaltending issues for the last couple of years than with FLorida who got pretty decent goaltending for most of the year.

        I think Florida eeked out every opportunity they got last year but who knows in a short season

  6. Kinda surprised the Devils are as low as they are

    • Really? I’d think the opposite. They overachieved big time last year; they are on their way down. Many of their top players have seen better days and they don’t have enough youth to maintain the talent drain. With a tightened schedule this team could easily lose a couple key players with no farm players to adequately fill the roles. Their goalies are many years past their prime. Add this to being in the hardest division in hockey and they could easily be bottom five. Oh, and no Parise.

      • The Devils hear this every year. They’re always undervalued. Projections always have them missing the playoffs and it’s always the one or two pieces that they lost that will drop them from a great team to a non-playoff team.

        Well, for whatever reason, this team is always better than the sum of its parts. They’ve lost key players many times without replacing them and are the second most successful team in the last 25 years (behind the Red Wings). I wouldn’t count the Devils out – they may not look spectacular on paper, but they’ve only missed the playoffs twice since 1994…

        Their success or failure will have a lot to do with how well Brodeur’s been conditioning in the looong off-season. If he comes out the gates slow, that could hurt them – but then again, last year he wasn’t great in the regular season and the team was 48-28-6. I’m not saying that the Devils will be back in the cup final, but putting them with the Leafs and Habs is laughable.

        • They’re not THAT far off on the Devils. Seems like there’s a few top teams (NYR, PIT, PHL, BOS), and then everyone else. It’s a bit nit-picky to argue over which team is 12-1 or 15-1 or 16-1 when they’re essentially grouped together until you get to FLA and below.

          I get that these are odds, and each digit difference matters because they’re multiples, but to say it’s “laughable” is a little much, IMO. The Devils clearly aren’t in that top 4 group, and after that everyone’s bunched together.

          • Hard to say. Other than the Rangers, I don’t see an obvious top tier. Maybe Boston.

            Philly and Pittsburgh have some obvious gaps (Bryz, Fleury, and a relative lack of depth on the Pens squad combined with Crosby’s noggin’). Seeing Buffalo above the Devils is a bit baffling – I’m not sure that they even have a playoff team. The Canes are hyped right now and should be better than they were last year, but remember how mediocre they were last year? Remember how much everyone constantly harped on Semin while he was in Washington? Speaking of which, the Caps are always hit and miss too. We’ll see if Ovie returns to form and if Holtby is as good as he looked in the playoffs. Tampa has some great offensive players, but let’s not forget that they have a rookie starting goalie with almost no NHL experience. So it’s pretty unclear how good most of the East is….

            I’m not saying that the Devils are a top team, but on the overall odds, they have the same chance as the Leafs and the Habs. What have those teams done during the offseason to become better? I ask because the Devils had 22 points in the standings more than the Leafs last year and 24 more than the Habs. Might it tighten? Possibly, due to the loss of Parise. But do you think that those teams can bridge that gap entirely based on the loss of one Devils player?

  7. …What? No prop-bet on whether Bettman gets pelted with garbage while attempting to present the Cup?

    (Depending on the giveaway offered at the arena on gameday, I’d personally venture odds of 5:3.)

  8. I just don’t see Phoenix coming anywhere near close to what they pulled off last season. If they make the playoffs ill be surprised.

    • I could see them getting in the playoffs, but I don’t expect a repeat of last year. I just don’t see Smith carrying the team on his back again.

      • On paper, the only reason I’d say that they probably make the playoffs is that Tipett is their coach. He’s got to be one of the best in the business right now.

        • I agree, Tipett is the reason they do as well as they do, but im still not sold. I think they could make the playoffs, but again, i’d be surprised. For some reason i just have no reason to feel good about this season for them.

  9. The BIG wildcard in this whole deal is goaltending. Out of all the players that found someplace to do more than practice during the lockout, it was the starting goaltenders who were mainly on the outside looking in. They will be coming in cold and with only a 48 game season cannot afford 10 so-so games (which will be about 2.5 weeks max this season) to get in game shape.

    I think this will throw a wrench into the odds and we will have more surprise teams make the playoffs and more teams drop lower in the standings/if not out of the playoffs than we have ever seen before. Teams that have two solid to great goaltenders will have a better chance of beating this than the teams with one top end tender. At least they have another option if option #1 struggles early.

    This is the main reason I don’t see Vancouver trading Luongo until after this season and why I would make Vancouver and LA tied for odds on favourites to win the cup. A team like Edmonton could be in bigger trouble than with a full season for the same reason and I think their odds are much too low.

  10. Listen I fully expect my Blue Jackets to be awful this year but I expect this season to be incredibly competitive and surprises to be everywhere so hey, 100-1 odds I might just throw some money their way, with extremely low expectations. The Oilers odds are absurd. Zero goaltending, a roster that hasn’t seen better than 14th in the Conference, and did I mention no goaltending? Dubnyk looked good at the Spengler Cup and late last season but he is completely unproven beyond that. Preds and Red Wings are two perennial contenders so I like their odds, especially with two of the best coaches in the league. Even with the losses they sustained on defense over the offseason I see them as being competitve.

    • I hope you’re wrong, and that CBJ surprises you and is at least competitive. Your fanbase has been through enough.

  11. Like the Oilers to do well if goaltending situation is improved

  12. Leafs look like good value now. Can’t believe I just wrote that LOL….Go Leafs

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