I have no idea why you’d take a hack at another sports league from an official team Twitter account, but apparently the Dallas Cowboys felt the need go at the NHL. I’m gonna get out of the way of this because nothing I do or say can match the calm with which the Dallas Stars Tweetist disposed of them.

Oh my. Poor Tony Romo.

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  1. sad_tony_romo.jpg

  2. The worst part is pulling the “overzealous staffer” defense. At least own up to what you were doing, and the fact that you got owned.

  3. Oh ya well Tony Romo is a better golfe…um…well he dated Jessica Simps…um…ya ok you win…good luck this year

  4. By “apology accepted”, they meant to say “lol cowboys”

  5. Set match point. Good god what a response

  6. Kind of wish Stars feed had told them to suck a dick instead of “apology accepted”, but they seem to be a classier bunch than I.

  7. Damn. Romo got burned.

  8. I wish I were still on Twitter, just so I write to them “You feel shame.”

  9. The Cowboys’ twitter crew should most certainly have seen that one coming.

  10. bein locked out gave teams a chance to plau nhl 13 and hone them trash talkin skillzzz, yeee

  11. Haha.

    In all honesty, once they saw this, I assume the NFL but their boot right on the Cowboys’ throats. They HAAAAAATE controversies like this.

  12. Funny that the Dallas Stars #9 did get the job done, last time I checked he did have a stanley cup ring!! Am I wrong with this proof, in 1999 the Dallas Stars did win and stanley cup and oh by the way their captain was #9 Mike Modono. And I’m a Red Wings fan, check the facts Cowboys

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