And here’s more (potentially) breaking news on the Maple Leafs shake-ups….

That would make sense: Randy Carlyle was a Burke import from his days with the Anaheim Ducks when they won the Cup together. If the Leafs are really looking to start up fresh and head in a new direction, there’s no sense doing it with a bunch of spare parts that he brought around. Maybe it’s time that the Leafs’ successful AHL coach Dallas Eakins gets a promotion?

Stay tuned…



Greg Brady’s on a roll right now…

Seems like Carlyle will stick around…

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  1. Garth Snow’s plan to destroy Toronto by sending them Scott Gordon is working! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. I don’t understand. Why would Phil Kessel have to go anywhere? I thought he was good at the whole hockey-playing thing. It’s not like he swore a blood oath to Burke. And even if he did, I’m pretty sure the PA could get that clause overturned by an arbitrator.

  3. Yeah, no speculaton there on Kessel /much rolling of eyes

  4. For all the bitching about Kessel it should be noticed that he is far and away the best Leaf at putting pucks in nets. Trade him if you must but you better replace him with someone who can do the same.

    • Ya, exactly. Why would you get rid of one of the youngest and most prolific, consistent scorers in the league.

  5. Ya, you want to get rid of that young guy who scores tons of goals and lead the team in scoring. And of course Greg Brady doesn’t have a source for the rumour he is trying to start.

  6. Greg Brady can you please stop embarrassing yourself. Nonis just said he is keeping Randy and the rest of the coaching staff. Get lost loser.

  7. Hey Greg Brady I have a source that says you’re a dumb ass!! He he, I am my source just like you are your source you tard!!!!

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