Today was part one of our “Questions” series, in which host John Noon asks some of the pressing questions about the upcoming NHL season, and the three of us give our (oft-differing) opinions.

We touched on:

* Who benefits from a shortened season

* Players staying in Russia

* Landeskog as a captain

* Kesler, Quick and Tortorella

* Fan protests of the lockout

* And much more

You can listen to it here:


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Comments (3)

  1. Guys, you need better theme music than what sounds like the next / latest / inevitable Raw theme. :)

  2. One of the reasons the NHL doesn’t want to have hockey in July is scheduling conflicts with Baseball

  3. It’s cool. It’s not like he’s the best defenceman of this generation, and one of the best players we’ll ever see. You don’t have to know his name.

    I’m not going to pretend that you guys don’t know hockey, but shit like that just makes this podcast look like a joke.

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