You read that headline right, and there’s no catch aside from the fact that it comes with a $25 gift certificate to the team store. That’s under a $10 bill per fucking game where you get to watch Steven Stamkos, Vincent Lecavalier, Marty St. Louis, Victor Hedman and the others battle against Eastern Conference foes. That’s the price of one semi-decent Maple Leafs ticket, for what it’s worth.



TAMPA BAY – The Tampa Bay Lightning are welcoming fans back to the rink and thanking them for their support by offering a $200 season ticket in the GTE Terrace Level as the team returns to ice. The special season ticket membership will go on sale today, January 9 and run while supplies last.

So, 200 tickets are available at that price. I’m tempted to buy one and I live in Canada.

If you’re getting reeeally frisky, you can spend the big bucks…

Season tickets in other locations are still available as well. An extremely limited number of packages in the Promenade (lower) Level that include the exclusive jersey with the STM patch and revolutionary chip, good for discounts on merchandise and concessions, are still available for just $35 per game. Other Promenade Level packages are available starting at just $52 per contest. Fans can also become a Club Level Season Ticket Member for just $50 per game.

But why do that when you can grab one of the dirt cheapies? At least you’re in the building, and hey, you never know when you can creep down a level or two.

The Dallas Stars are offering free tickets to kids under 12 in January and February, and other post-lockout deals are starting to roll in. If you’re a hockey fan, now would be a pretty good time to keep your eyes on your team site to find out what they’re cooking up. They all want to make amends, and there’s a good chance most will do it by saving you some bucks.

That kinda reminds me of something…


UPDATE: Annnnd they’ve already sold out.

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  1. Wonder what Camadian teams are offering
    Guess I know the answer to that.

  2. A Tampa Bay jersey with an STM patch? Is that actually a patch that says “season ticket member”? Yikes….

  3. …When I was living in Tampa in ’99 they were offering a season-long Club Package (that’s 41 games, all-you-can-consume wine, beer , non-alcoholic beverages and gourmet — we’re talking sushi, seafood, prime rib, smoked-turkey breast, Italian, fresh salad, antipasto, dessert, etc, not just a dog and a brew — food included) with valet-parking (taxes included) for $1700.

    Though I’ve canceled my tix (on principle, because of the lockout) last year’s Club Package (same amenities, taxes included) ran about $6,800 per seat. 41 games; no less.

    It pays to live in the south – Sorry, haters: This ex-Canuck loves the way things work for him, down here. Even though he ain’t embracing it, this season.

    Yes. The place is always jamming. And, yes, Jeff Vinik has deep pockets and *IS* going out of his way to keep the Bolts vital….So? Be mad at your own local ownership, for failing to understand that owning a sporting-franchise is a vanity-based endeavour.

    This ol’ guy just loves it.

  4. It cost $480 for season tickets this year in Calgary…..for the Hitmen (WHL)

  5. The club seats in Tampa are pretty close to the cost of parking at Canucks games!

  6. The interesting question is how many season tickets were sold beyond the 200. Guy calls up looking for the cheap seats, they are sold out, and they get upsold to the next price level. Actually a pretty good plan on the Lightning to generate interest and sales.

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