Today was part two of our “questions about the 2013 NHL season” podcasts, which took us down the road of…

* Who will win the major NHL awards this season

* What do you think of the Canucks “sleep scientists?”

* How will attendance change?

* What will happen to Brian Elliot’s numbers

* How will Crosby fare?

* And much more?

You can listen to it here:


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  1. In regards to the comment about how many teams have one the cup without a stud defenense men. The only team I can think of in the last ten to twenty years are the two carolina teams.

  2. Keep cheering for the worst teams in hockey guys. It makes your predictions and your spite so interesting.

    “People from Ontario are the worst”
    “I prefer watching the habs lose, since my team never wins…”

    You said a mouthful boys.

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