At one point in his career, Brad Boyes was one of the most prolific goal scorers in the NHL. Granted, that “point” was a single season, but still. He was good at it. Here’s a quick rundown from the New York Post of where his career has taken him since:

In the 2007-08 season, while playing for the Blues, Boyes established himself as a serious scoring threat, tying for fifth in the league with 43 goals. Behind him on that list were some of the superstars of the game — Marian Gaborik, Rick Nash and Jason Spezza.

But instead of excelling like those players, Boyes signed a four-year, $16 million contract and wilted. He scored 33 goals the following season, but then had seasons of 14 goals, 17 (combined between the Blues and the Sabres, to whom he was traded mid-season) and eventually eight last year, when he missed 15 games with injury.

That’s a pretty significant fall from grace for a guy who was only 29 last season.

Anyway, the Islanders saw the low-risk high-reward potential in Boyes, and gave him a one-year, one million dollar deal. Prove it or lose it. (His NHL career, I mean.)

Welp, turns out Boyes didn’t sign with the Islanders to help them win. All O, all the time, baby.

When asked if he thinks he was brought in by the Islanders to score goals, Boyes said, “I hope they did.”

“I hope they didn’t bring me here to block shots and chip the puck in,” he added. “Then it might be a long year.”

“I hope they didn’t bring me here to block shots and chip the puck in. Then it might be a long year.” …Woosh.

I mean, I know that probably came off worse than it was meant, but geez, who says “I hope they didn’t bring me here to do things that’re asked of every player”?

Anyway, the good news for him is that he’s playing for Jack Capuano. Some other coaches might have a different reaction to those comments…

Mine would too.