At one point in his career, Brad Boyes was one of the most prolific goal scorers in the NHL. Granted, that “point” was a single season, but still. He was good at it. Here’s a quick rundown from the New York Post of where his career has taken him since:

In the 2007-08 season, while playing for the Blues, Boyes established himself as a serious scoring threat, tying for fifth in the league with 43 goals. Behind him on that list were some of the superstars of the game — Marian Gaborik, Rick Nash and Jason Spezza.

But instead of excelling like those players, Boyes signed a four-year, $16 million contract and wilted. He scored 33 goals the following season, but then had seasons of 14 goals, 17 (combined between the Blues and the Sabres, to whom he was traded mid-season) and eventually eight last year, when he missed 15 games with injury.

That’s a pretty significant fall from grace for a guy who was only 29 last season.

Anyway, the Islanders saw the low-risk high-reward potential in Boyes, and gave him a one-year, one million dollar deal. Prove it or lose it. (His NHL career, I mean.)

Welp, turns out Boyes didn’t sign with the Islanders to help them win. All O, all the time, baby.

When asked if he thinks he was brought in by the Islanders to score goals, Boyes said, “I hope they did.”

“I hope they didn’t bring me here to block shots and chip the puck in,” he added. “Then it might be a long year.”

“I hope they didn’t bring me here to block shots and chip the puck in. Then it might be a long year.” …Woosh.

I mean, I know that probably came off worse than it was meant, but geez, who says “I hope they didn’t bring me here to do things that’re asked of every player”?

Anyway, the good news for him is that he’s playing for Jack Capuano. Some other coaches might have a different reaction to those comments…

Mine would too.

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  1. “Brad, do you think the Islanders brought you in especially to do the one thing you’re best at?”

    Stupid question deserves a stupid answer.

    • When a “goal scorer” can only muster 8 goals in a season (about as much as a good 3rd or 4th liner), I sure as heck hope he can do more than score goals.

  2. The Ranger fan in me is chuckling with delight, but to be fair, Boyes probably wouldn’t be good in a Torts-like system…and that’s ok. He’s paid to score goals, so let him loose and find other guys to do the physical stuff. It takes all types to win, after all…

  3. You can tell this guy is passionate about his craft.

  4. hate how every Islander fan is obsessed that the guy had an 8 goal season last year for a Sabres team that was awful. We don’t even need 40 goals out of him, just 20 goals, 20 assists so we can bridge the season till more of our prospect forwards are ready.

  5. his comment was simply made to show how dumb the question is… he’s not a grinder or a checker, he’s a finese, finisher… he’s on a one year deal to prove that he can do that on a line with two 30 goal scorers and a great playmaking center… if he can’t then it’s going to be 48 games and bouncing out the door.. if he can then maybe just maybe Garth will again win one by grabbing a silver coin out of the scrap heap. Again, we don’t need 40 goals / season… if he goes on 20-25 goal pace thats a win.. if not it barely cost anything.

    • If he completely bombs there are plenty of guys in Bridgeport who can take his job. If they end up waiving or trading him they really didn’t loose much.

  6. “Anyway, the good news for him is that he’s playing for Jack Capuano.”

    So true. This is why I always say that Grabner only could have done well in NYI. If accountability, pressure, defense, and structure aren’t an issue, then some guys will look alright.

    • This isn’t the case with the Isles in general or Grabner specifically. Grabner most often skates on Frans Neilsen’s line, and they get a lot of defensive assignments. He takes a regular turn on the penalty kill. His zone start % is positive 5 on 5, his relative Corsi was third among Isles forwards two years ago and seventh of sixteen forwards last season.

      You don’t expect him to crush everyone like Matt Martin; it’s a waste of everyone’s time. You let him use his speed because it’s a plus-plus skill, and if that means that he’s occasionally freewheeling and out of position, so be it. He’ll get back better than anyone else would.

      • Obviously Nielson is a really great defensive player.
        Obviously the Islanders are an awful defensive team.
        Capuano doesn’t come off as an NHL coach, but again, that’s par.

  7. Dang straight Jack Capuano isn’t going to do anything about it. The whole of Islanders coaching and management is afraid of yet another player refusing to show up.

    • Nobody is afraid if Boyes will show up or not. That thought has not crossed anybodys mind at all. It would be absurd for Boyes if he did not show up.

  8. Brad “High&Wide” Boyes had one season where Paul Kariya was lights out healthy& big Walt along with Lee Stempniak (ya the same Stempniak that they traded to Toronto for Alex Steen & Carlo Coliacovo) patrolled the Right Side…

    They had a great season together Kariya put up 65 points including 49 assists, once Kariya went down injured the next season, and guys like Oshie, Backes, Perron, & Berglund came in, Boyes started to realize he might lose his top line status as he was horrible in 5on5 play in 08-09. Then in 09-10 season he switched his curve about 15 times, switched brands to try and hit the net, but by that time Oshie, Backes, Perron, Steen, Mcdonald, & Kariya shuffled him down to the 3rd & 4th lines, and he never regained his confidence or his finishing ability. He’d never dip below the hash marks, he just was like a lost puppy out there..

    Finally the Blues got a bag of pucks for him, and shed his $4m salary to Pegula.

    I will say this though, the guy doesn’t play physical, which gives him the ability to play 82 games a year, I thought at one time he had the NHL ironman streak at one point? Or he was close to it I thought I read?

  9. If Boyes can produce and play well, then the Isles will do well.

  10. I think 2007-08 season was the best season of Brad Boyes. In that season he has scored 43 goals. Really it is a amazing. He has recognized himself in that season. From them I like him so much.

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