In what can only be described as vicious and unnecessary, Former NHLer Donald Brashear will surely be in hot water after delivering this brutal looking cheap shot to the head of Gaby Roch in LNAH action (a minor league in Quebec).

Unfortunately, it looks very similar to the cheap shot Todd Bertuzzi put on Steve Moore years back. Here’s hoping Gaby Roch will be OK.

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  1. It was written in the paper this morning that he turned down the guy many times when he tried to fight him. Classy.

  2. Kudos to the knuckle draggers who cheered in the video. Jeez.

    • Yeah I was a bit surprised at that as well. Only thing I could think of is they didn’t realize what exactly had happened.

  3. anyone else have a bertuzzi flashback…yikes

  4. +1
    That was an incredibly close approximation of the Bertuzzi punch. I hate seeing that stuff :(

  5. Brashere has always been a @#$hole ,when he was in Vancouver we lived down the hall from him in Yaletown just a few blocks from GM place he was so rude to people in the high rise he had this great dane and never would he clean his dogs crap and even beat up some guy in our building gym, he has never had any class


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