Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk is apparently a little sad about the idea of returning to the NHL.

“I’d be delighted to stay here in Russia and play the season to the end. There’s just enormous desire, he said at the All-Star weekend. “But unfortunately, our desires don’t always match our abilities,” he added, referring to his NHL contract obligations.”

Sorry Pavel, after looking at the moves you put on today, you have to return to the NHL!

And in case you missed it, the best shootout goal ever!

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  1. Those are some sick moves. I love the soft layup shot over the blocker. That move really encapsulates just how much he can slow the game down, almost to a crawl, and make a world class goalie (I’m guessing that, no idea who the ‘tender is) look a fool!

  2. That is why we LOVE Pavel Datayuk here in Detroit!!!!! Pavel is the most amazing player in the NHL. So glad to be able to see him soon!

  3. The first two are the kind of Pavel Datsyuk moves that I love, where it seems like the goalie has no control over his body as Datsyuk calmly moves around him and lobs/taps it in.

    The shoot-out goal, not so much, it’s more the equivalent of a spin-o-rama for him. Trick shot, and almost doesn’t come off.

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