Today is day one of the Backhand Shelf Podcast going daily, so hurray! One of our Backhand Shelf contributors, Chris Lund, will be swapping in and out on the podcast on days Jake Goldsbie isn’t in the office, and he made his debut today.

We talked about:

* Brian Burke’s excellent press conference after getting fired

* Lubomir Visnovsky doesn’t want to play for the Isles

* Scott Gomez and Wade Redden have been told to stay home

* PK Subban is still unsigned

* Fans have been coming out in droves to practices

* And much more

You can listen to it here,


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  1. you guys need to get a habs fan on the cast, because that shit is pretty obnoxious when there is no one there to rebut.

  2. Any chance you guys need to setup a RSS feed? I can’t subscribe to your podcast without one(I have an android phone).

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