For those of you who haven’t heard, the real Don Cherry has a twitter account now. He calls Kathy Broderick, a producer at CBC, and she types them out and posts them. THEY’RE AMAZING, and today’s were the very best of all. ALL GOLDFISH, ALL THE TIME:




Cherry is forcing me to have a Luongo-esque change of heart about him thanks to Twitter. Can you imagine trying to do a parody of that account? It’d be damn impossible.

Don Cherry, the new king of social media.

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  1. Most reasonable comments I’ve ever heard Grapes make.

    Fish like specific conditions, so learn what they are.

  2. Did you ever read his books? Where he just rambles on and tells stories? I love them.

  3. I had a goldfish, once (as a kid.) A star-gazer – Dozens of other fish came and went (croaked) but, this bugger lived forever….years and years and years. And it grew fairly large. The damned things are like carp.

    My folks still had it, until a couple of years after I left college…Then I suspect that my dad got tired of maintaining and feeding the damned thing and flushed it down the toilet (or buried in the backyard.) He gave some kind of feeble and rambling explanation about this or that and how it died – But, my mom gave him the stink-eye while he was babbling on, and I knew (kinda, sorta) what really happened.

    …What’s that got to do with the price of tea in China? Not a darned thing, I guess. Just having a “senior moment”.

  4. Hah, this is almost as crazy as this guy I follow on twitter. He blogs about hockey, but half the time he just posts pictures of his cats!



    (Sarcasm aside, we haven’t seen jiggs in a while)

  5. i’m a comment killer, seriously go and read other things i post on, i’m usually last, ‘sup with that

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