A common refrain from hockey fans coming out of the lockout was “the NHL should make the Center Ice package free.” That was great in theory, until you consider that the NHL is a gate-driven league and giving fans more reason to stay home probably wasn’t going to happen. But, they did knock it down to $60 from last season, when it was $172. When you consider that number has to be pro-rated to 48 games per team instead of 82, it’s still a 40% discount, which ain’t too shabby.


(UPDATE: GameCenter Live is apparently available for $50.)

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  1. For DirecTV people in the U.S., there is no price yet for the package, per DirecTV’s website. Hoping it’s along those lines.

  2. Any word on how much Game Centre (Center?) Live will be?

  3. Now – At the beginning of every season and sometime in the middle they offer a week of it free….. (will they be doing that this year? If so I’ll wait to order because it’s pro-rated correct)…
    I hate this crap – I really want to not get it but I’m an out of state islanders fan and there is no other way for me to watch the games… we’ll see what I do.

  4. for cable at least Center Ice is only $50.

    Game Center is $49.99

    • Has anyone gotten their renewal email on Game Center? I haven’t gotten anything from them saying that they were going to charge my credit card…

  5. Firstly, and not to be a total prick, Center Ice only offers very limited broadcasts in HD – On any given night when there are (say) 10 games, only two at a time (or, four total, in back-to-back w/ late games) are in HD…

    And many of the SD feeds are broadcast directly from the damned scoreboard cam – How cheesy is that. I mean, C’MON, MAN!

    Don’t get me wrong – As a fanatic (and in any other season but this) I WOULD watch every game (by hook or by crook) on any given night. Even if it meant staying up for replays.

    But, it’s time for Center Ice (and the NHL, as a principle) to step up to the damned Big Leagues – Go HD on every feed, all the time, fer pete’s sake.

    That having been said (ranted) I canceled and won’t be buying SFA from the NHL, this season – Call it self-defeating foolishness. Call it what you will. I’m one of those pig-headed fans who won’t be played like a whore. I’m too old to be impressed with all the nickle-and-dime lip-service and tokenism.

    I’ll watch my local feed on FSN (and the NHL Network) I’m already paying for this, as part of a basic package…But, no more than that.

    If I’m in the sorry minority? Then, so be it. They can smooch my tuckus.

    • I agree. After this last greedy power play by the owners, I choose not to bother watching the NHL. I have been watching and listening to NHL for over 60 years, but not this season. Remember the owners voted 100% for this lockout, so it certainly is not the players fault.

      I am sure I m a minority in the Vancouver market. Wish the Canucks well!

    • For Center Ice, it all depends on the provider. I had Center Ice through Shaw Digital last year, and I got virtually every game in HD. I’ll say fewer than 5% were in SD; it was very rare.

      That being said, doesn’t the pricing depend on the provider as well? I hear people saying that last year they paid $200 in the US with such and such, and others say they paid $250. I’m pretty sure I paid $300 last year!

  6. I am interested in watching the rest of the nhl season

  7. What’s the good of getting a discount in the NHL center ice package when these greedy scum bags want to break a contract of Broadcast.

    I just paid for their so call discount package just to find out with less then a week of viewing games they change the rules and block all of us out here in Nova Scotia.

    If these slobs want to play like that and break contracts then they will soon find out no one will be purchasing anything from them.

    Kenneth C Young

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