2012 was an exceptional year for the National Hockey League, which saw a full half of one season played all over North America, a Stanley Cup awarded, and utter satisfaction found by every NHL owner, each of whom were content with the amount of profit they earned and in no way felt the need to haggle for more. The record revenue generated by the League’s growth was largely thanks to success in the first half of the calendar year.

The captain at the helm for the National Hockey League’s period of unparalleled success was Gary Bettman, the warm, compassionate commissioner who allows fans of the occasionally described “niché sport” to feel beloved, important, and in no way like second-class citizens. After wild success at the end the 2011-2012 season which saw one of The League’s biggest markets take home their first title, Bettman managed to contain the overt self-interst of the players and guide them towards a new, fair compromise that left fans happy that the game will be 100% stable moving into the future. One of the reasons Bettman has respectfully called them “The Best Fans in the World” is because he knows that they understand that sometimes business takes precedent over pleasure, and periodic sacrifices have to be made, say every 8-10 years or so.

Over his tenure, Mr. Bettman has spearheaded the campaign to bring hockey to into areas of North America where they were in such bad need for it they didn’t even know it existed, giving delight to dozens and dozens of people in states like Arizona, Texas, Florida, and for a over an entire decade, Georgia.

The overwhelming success his work has led to a mass clamoring of wealthy men lining up and try to buy franchises, in some cases succeeding by spending upwards of nearly half the contract of a Major League Baseball star. In another sure sign of the game’s growth, the commissioner has added to the vast array of NHL rules he’s aware of, tacking both “high-sticking” and “icing” to his progress in 2011, when he figured “offsides” out. 

Some of the holy worshiping grounds for hockey fans have become known as “Ideal Barns,” which aside from providing an outlet for excessive amounts of public funding, also provide exceptional viewing experiences for fans in place like Long Island:


And they’ve even set up an Ideal Barn in Glendale for Canadians who happen to be travelling down that way.

These cultural hotspots have been blessed by the gift of hockey, and they have the work of Gary Bettman to thank.

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