It was something I’ve been curious about for the past few days: why would the NHL and NHLPA agree to compliance buyouts, yet not allow teams to make that decision before the upcoming NHL season? Or, at the very least, allow teams to buyout injured players so they wouldn’t be forced to sit out an entire hockey season waiting for the buyout period?

Well, in only a matter of days, the NHL has back-pedaled on the issue, and will be allowing the likes of Scott Gomez and Wade Redden to be bought out before the upcoming season, meaning they could be wearing another team’s uniform in just a matter of days. Wade Redden back in the NHL? Exciting!

Here’s the news:







And just like that, there you have it. Teams can save some money, players can play, balance is restored to the universe. More on this as it comes out.


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  1. Good for Redden. Hope to see him land in a good spot and hit game #1000

  2. Redden will get a job. There’s a dearth of D in the league. If guys like Andreas Lilja and Kurtis Foster have jobs, Redden can find work somewhere for some lower amount of money.

    Gomez, not sure. He can help some team in a limited role at a greatly reduced rate, but there’s a lot of stigma attached to his name and no similar shortage of serviceable forwards in the league.

    • Both will probably land jobs. How much they make is another question though.

    • I’m sure the stigma is media based only, any GM worth his salt would add Gomez if he was more affordable. The dude can still play.

  3. Scott Gomez, welcome to the Toronto Maple Leafs!

  4. Gomez to Detroit or Chicago probably

  5. Finally common sense.
    Not fair to gomez and Redden to have to essentially sit out a full year because GM’s signed them to ridiculou contracts. Let everyone move on.

  6. Yep, common sense and good for them to be able to play somewhere…
    But “Wade Redden back in the NHL? Exciting!”

    Really??? exciting??

  7. gomez stays with the habs, good two way player and they are paying him no matter what, mind as well use him, especially if they have injuriy problems

  8. Well that worked out just about perfectly didn’t it? Nice to see some common sense at the end of this whole saga.

  9. penguins gonna buy out crosby and malkin i hear, too big of contracts for them both

  10. What’s the incentive for the team to buy them out now though? If the cap hit sticks for this season and they have to pay the entire salary? They could potentially be paying for the player to compete against them.

  11. Good for Redden….

    …and bad for any team that signs him. People who say, “he wasn’t that bad” obviously didn’t see him in his last two seasons with NYR. He was slow, sluggish, disinterested, and always three steps behind the play. And that’s when he was making $6.5 mil!!!! Imagine how “inspired” he’ll be when he’s making $600k or whatever the minimum salary is.

    Redden was sent down for good reason – it wasn’t just his paycheck. Caveat Emptor.

    • getting benched or sent down can be the perfect motivational tool for some players.. granted he’s old and rich, so he may not give a shit anymore, but we’ll see

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