Happy humpday! Today’s Backhand Shelf podcast covered all the pre-season things of note such as…

* Accelerated compliance buyouts?

* Who wants Redden/Gomez?

* Ways NHL teams are trying to lure in fans

* What’s PK Subban worth?

* Pre-season groin pulls

* And much more

You can listen to it here:

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Comments (3)

  1. I think the idea of trading PK or Jamie Benn is just goofy. Both mean so much to their respective franchises at this point that it would be a colossal failure not to come to some kind of terms even if you have to slightly overpay them through the rest of their RFA years. I think it’s just a situation where both of these players have the leverage and they’re willing to miss a few more games, and they’ll still probably get what they want

  2. Brian Leetch…15pts in 15 games. +11….8pts in 13 playoff games. As a Leaf fan, I’d take Brian Leetch part 2. Why do you want to hate Subban? I don’t get it, you don’t really know much about hockey do you Goldy?

    • I meant it more in terms of signing an old veteran passed his prime. It was a joke, I wasn’t making any serious comparison between Gomez or Redden and Leetch. I want to hate Subban because I lived in Montreal for four years and had to listen to Habs fans never, ever shut up about him. And don’t call me Goldy, it’s weird.

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