One of the biggest, most memorable chunks of the 2011-2012 NHL season for me was the amaaaazzzing Pittsburgh/Philadelphia playoff series, in which tons of goals were scored, hits were thrown, and hate was shared. In the end, Philly downed their Pennsylvanian rivals in a hard fought six games. NBC, by all rights, recognized this huge moment, and used it in their promo for what not-so-coincidentally happens to be the first game of the NHL season.

And they fucking got who won the series wrong.

I don’t even know what to say about this. I’ll leave it with the same thing Wyshynski said over at Puck Daddy: how does this happen?

(S/t to Puck Daddy)

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  1. these guys are on the hook for a 10 year TV contract, hey?

  2. To be fair, the Flyers did lose two games to “Pitt” in that series.

    Maybe that’s what NBC meant. Probably Milbury put in the wording.

  3. History will be made (up).

  4. This is amazing. A TV version of those boxes of Stanley Cup merch for the team that loses.

  5. They got it wrong because they really don’t give a damn about hockey. NBC is a joke

  6. and i thought ESPN was bad ..

  7. In related news, NBC just hired the entire news team from Los Angeles.

  8. Boom! there goes the dynamite

  9. jeez, i thought that series was an embarrassment to hockey

  10. Colbert Report. Awesome.

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