It didn’t occur to me at the time, but when Rick DiPietro headed to Europe during the lockout, it may not have been to play goal. More accurately, it appears he was finding himself as a person, and honouring that.

If appearances can be believed…He is risen. 

And finally…

Hey. The guy constantly needs a healer, so you can’t blame him for trying to morph into one.


(…We had to. Sorry. Don’t even have the lockout to blame for this stuff anymore.)

Comments (7)

  1. DiPietro saves?

  2. Five Holier Than Thou

  3. On the third day he was injured again…

  4. INB4 Miro Satan jokes.

  5. Hey looks like he’s got a pretty good goiter going on there… Next DiPietro injury … Hyperthyroidism

  6. He couldn’t find the puck, but at least he found jesus.

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