Pittsburgh forward Tyler Kennedy was credited with the Penguins first goal of the game, but on second look, he should be thanking ex-Maple Leafs defenseman Luke Schenn, who deflected the puck by goalie Ilya Bryzgalov.

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  1. This is NOT an own goal.

    • I can’t make the tip off of Schenn either. Looks like Kennedy all the way.

      • Even if this does tip off of Schenn it still isn’t an own goal. At no time does Schenn have control of this puck… This is a shot through traffic that deflects off of a defender, It happens every single night in the NHL.

        Calling this an own goal and tweeting that Schenn still can’t play D is disrespectful to Schenn and to Kennedy.

  2. So stupid. Not an own goal. Get your headlines right instead of trying to drive hits on your website.

  3. You’re all crazy. This absolutely went off Schenn. He’s right.

  4. Maybe this went of Schenn, but I don’t think this kinda thing should be called an own goal. An own goal is when you shoot the puck, by accident, into your own net for whatever reason.

    This is a random tip that Schenn just happened to get. Own goals should be embarrassing, this isn’t really. It sucks, but it’s not embarrassing.

  5. Thats why he sucked as a Leaf they should’ve made him a forward

    • He didn’t suck as a Leaf, his coach did! He was right up there in the league with most hits and most blocked shots.

  6. This isn’t soccer.

  7. happens all the time. don’t understand why this is a post.

  8. Boy, people sure like Luke Schenn a lot more now than they did 9 months ago.

    Sidenote: Hockey should count own goals.

  9. Hey Schenny we miss you here, deflections happen all the time. We’ll follow your career and wish you well from T.O.

  10. Why should they count all goals?

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