There isn’t too much to say about the video. Basically: Holy crap what a save.

Feel free to rate it out of 10 below.

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  1. looks like his glove was in the net……should be a goal……nice save all the same……but I think his glove is over the line.

  2. Reminds me of that Nabokov save vs the Stars in the 2008 playoffs. I give it an 8. Only because this one is pretty debatable if it went over the line.

  3. As much as I love The King, that looks like a goal

  4. 1) I love the number of Chris commenters in here.
    2) At the end of the season this will go down as a save, and all questionable footage will be destroyed.

    • The problem is, even though it almost certainly is across the line, as long as any area of the glove where the puck can be contained is still out of the net, and there is no other view of the puck being across the line, it is, by the rule, a save.

  5. The save of the year shouldn’t be based on a questionable call. Looked like a goal to me.

    • Amen – because the ruling on the ice was “no goal” and the puck wasn’t visible (since it was in his glove) they ruled it no goal. Ugh

      • See, if there was a chip in the puck and on the goal line to determine location, shit like this wouldn’t even be an issue.

        Catch up with the times, sports world.

  6. After reviewing the play it is clear that the goaltenders glove is in the net. Goal. Bruins win 4 to 1.

  7. That’s a goal. I love how you can put the puck in a SmartCar, drive it over the goal-line and if none of the cameras can “see” the puck then it’s technically not a goal…

    I know, the rules are the rules – Even though they defy simple logic. Stuff like this encourages goaltenders to wear trappers the size of bushel-baskets.

  8. This debate could be eliminated if we had some sort of glowing puck that can be seen through the glove, or boards, etc. Hahahahaha!

  9. You can clearly see on the replay the puck hit the top third of his trapper … maybe higher, but it is difficult to stop youtube videos exact … at any rate, the top third of his trapper (let alone the rest of it) was in the net. The NHL blew this call.

  10. 0 out of 10. Puck went past the line.

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