Lame opening faceoff fight is lame

Things like this are what make hockey fighting seem über-lame.

Tanner Glass and Arron Asham decided to drop the mitts off the opening faceoff in New York tonight. Why? Nobody knows. Was it worth it? Probably not. Will anyone remember this at the end of the game — a game which has seen four goals in the first period? Nope.

Scripted fights with no context and no consequences. Get ‘em in ya.

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  1. Stop trying to ruin hockey for us real hockey fans. You don’t like fighting? That’s ok just dont watch hockey anymore the real hockey fans actually enjoy this kind of stuff. Stick to watching tennis or maybe soccer if this is to rough for you…

    • Real fans watch hockey games for a meaningless fight off the opening faceoff? Gotcha. I’ll go watch a sport you’ve deemed feminine now. Don’t think I can top your airtight argument which is really just a totally incoherent meathead rant.

      I have no problem with fighting. It has nothing to do with this being “to (sic) rough” for me. It has to do with this particular fight being a total waste of everyone’s time and adding absolutely nothing to the game. Had Asham buried Crosby and Glass wanted to fix him for it, sure. But this adds LITERALLY nothing to the game. It just delayed the first period.

      Oh, Soccer and Tennis are perfectly entertaining sports. I’d recommend broadening your horizons.

    • Stick to MMA or boxing if you want to see people punch each other in the face, and quit trying to claim that “real” hockey fans enjoy seeing two meatheads try and concuss each other for no damn reason.

  2. weee!!! let’s turn this into a lame internet fight about fighting!!

    oh a more relative note, i believe these two have a history… sooo, yeah…

  3. I like fighting – Hockey fights (REAL ones) are juicy-good. Example: The hissy-fit Drew Stafford threw on Scott Hartnell, this afternoon – He was juking and shucking and twitching and faking and bobbing and shit. And goddamnit, he was going to teach that ginger a lesson…

    Until Hartnell dropped a half-dozen (or more) bombs on pretty, young Drew’s face and head – I LOVED that fight.

    Stafford was pissed (and overmatched) and let’s not blame Hartnell for taking advantage of a “short-bus” fighter…The kid was asking, nay, begging for it.

    Sure, Hartnell lost his footing and took a tumble to end it – And that was actually quite fortunate for Stafford….Because, another half-dozen of the same and Hartnell was going to jar his idiot-brain loose.

    But, the fucking bombs he was dropping on pretty-boy. Ouch. I could feel them. Needless to say, I guffawed my ass off watching it – And I am no fan of either player; nor either team.

    However, a dumbassed fight between two lame-assed (low-to-no-talent) players to start a game? Meh….Bullshit. Boring stuff that just wastes time and puts a tarnish on it all.

    Gotta agree with the author on this one. Spontaneity and volatility and emotion are a must. There’s no substitute for the genuine article.

  4. I don’t know how someone can call a scrap like that lame.

    Anyways, that was a rite of passage fight. Asham demonstrating to his teammates that he’s all Ranger now and has no loyalties to Pittsburgh by fighting a guy on his old team.

    Watching a team sport whose participants famously have a pack mentality, then lamenting it when its demonstrated is pretty pointless. Would be like watching tennis and complaining that the players don’t say enough to each other between points. The sport is the sport.

    • Well…yes and no. The problem with a fight like that is that they probably “spoke” to each other before the opening faceoff. “Wanna go?” “Yeah, let’s go.”

      And that’s not (in the strictest sense of the word) a “fight” – There’s no real acrimony. No anger. No passion. They’re just doing what’s expected – Earning a paycheck. Period.

      They DO punch each other good, then they peter-out and talk to each other again (at the end) “You done? I’m done.” “Yeah. I’m done, too.”

      That spoils it, as far as intensity is concerned. Was either team “inspired” by their scrap? Ummmmm….Probably not.

      I’m sure both rosters appreciated the “effort” – But, beyond that, it didn’t make anyone want to “die on the barricades” (if you understand my meaning.)

      Without a good “reason”? (Someone getting leveled or messed-with or hurt by a reckless play or cheap-shotted – Without the need for “justice and/or genuine “retribution”?) It comes off as really lame.

      My two, anyhoo.

      • No passion?

        You ever get laid off from a job you like (which is basically Asham’s situation)? What if you had the opportunity to try to show the old boss (and your new coworkers) you’re better at the job than the guy who took yours in front of a million people?

        Ever take the job of a guy a lot of your new coworkers liked? Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to justify your new position in front of them and a million other people?

        There’s a lot of passion in that.

        I understand the notion that the “I’m a fighter, you’re a fighter…so…uh…lets fight because its time to fight and that’s the only reason we’re fighting” fight is dumb.

        What I’m saying is this particular fight had a lot more behind it than that.

        Lund can think any fight with such primitive justification is pointless if he wants. But it begs the question of why he’s watching hockey at all considering the entire mentality of the sport is primitive.

  5. Chris Lund you sir are a loser. Like the first comments if you dont like fighting dont watch the NHL, leave the NHL to fans that enjoy it for what it is. Meaningless fights or meaningful fights are part of the game. Go watch rec hockey cause its right up your alley, They get kicked out for fighting in it.

    • “Chris Lund you sir are a loser.”

      Takes one to know one. Killer rec hockey joke though.

      • Ahh..the “part of the game” argument. You know its truly hockey season when the guys who like watching fighting because it makes them feel like Mr. Tough Guy break out on of the Standard Fighting Justifications.

        I especially love the “Part of the Game” one because it proves absolutely nothing. Goalie Masks used to not be Part of the Game. Did you stop watching when those were introduced? Helmets used to not be Part of the Game. Did you stop watching when those became mandatory? Shootouts were never Part of the Game. Did you stop watching when those were added (as stupid as they are as a way to decide a team game)?

        So what’s the standard for when something becomes Part of the Game, so I can know for future issues. 10 years? 20 years? Since 1917?

        I’m always amazed when someone with the brain of a Puck Daddy commenter crawls its way to Backhand Shelf.

  6. You’ll take it from my cold, dea…oh, sorry, I thought this was a second amendment debate.

  7. I’m torn on it, but I really can’t say I have a problem with it. I don’t care about how the sport appears to the knuckle dragging troglodyte NFL/NBA masses. They have their own issues to deal with as far as the quality of their product. The NFL is basically a flag football fantasy league at this point and the NBA is basically NBA Jam in real life. The NHL is still the league of warriors by about a hundred miles.

  8. The better question is why was Arron Asham on the ice for the puck drop. Is that the guy in the lineup who gives his team the best chance to go up a goal early? Shit no. Did Asham con his coach into the starting lineup knowing he could toss some punches, thus proving his worth to the team? Who knows? I certainly for one would rather have watched some hockey, and this is coming from a guy who loves hockey fights.

    • Because the Rangers are home and get last change and Bylsma started Tanner Glass so Tortarella started Asham.

    • Coaches almost always give a “first shift” to a player the first time he lines up against his old team.

  9. It is painfully clear that the people here who wholeheartedly disagree with the fight are career fans, and certainly never played the game beyond peewee house league.

    • and chris, thats coming from someone who regularly enjoys your writing, so no malice intended.

    • Right. I guess I should ask MSG for the refund on those 30 years of tickets Ive spent. And sorry Mom, for making you spend all those thousands on hockey equipment over the years. I was just pretending to be a Real Fan.

  10. “it’s part of the game”, yet Rule 46 clearly outlines the penalties if you engage in a fight. It’s tolerated by the NHL, in comparison to other professional sports but it’s not part of the game. I’ve written several articles on why it needs to be eliminated from the hockey on my website – If you’re a pro-fight fan then you might want to read some of my posts that present real facts and stats on how fighting has a negative impact on the game. It doesn’t change momentum and it certainly doesn’t police the game or promote respect. And based on feedback received a lot of “real” hockey fans believe the same thing.

    One article that you might find interesting is my post on the Rangers – Devils line brawl from last season. –

    One more thing, I’ve been playing and watching hockey for more than 40 years and not interested in watching Tennis.

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