According to the St. Louis Blues’ own commentators, specifically Darren Pang, the image you see above is Brian Elliot watching opponents’ shootout moves on an iPad before facing them. That’s pretty badass, and tonight, it worked out. As @m_welte tweeted at me, the Blues ain’t fuckin’ around this year.



(S/t to @SeanGentille)

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  1. I think I’ve seen a couple of soccer goalies who’ve had scouting video on phones / iPads stashed near the goal in case of penalty shootouts in recent years. This is going to be more common, especially since more coaches are using set penalty shot lineups these days.

  2. It’s crazy how these things have cemented themselves into sports. A bunch of NFL teams pass them out instead of playbooks these days.

    Just goes to show what a well prepared staff entails these days……having a bunch of shootout footage of the opposition going into every game loaded onto an iPad for the goaltender to check out before facing these guys.

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