Alo! Plenty of hockey action from last night to discuss, including…

* Vladimir Tarasenko’s hot start (five points in two games)

* Lecavalier’s 1000th game

* Ducks up, Flames down

* Nazem Kadri being on pace for 48 goals (wink)

* Luongo’s suitor’s

* And much more

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  1. From *The* Preds fan: You’re wrong about Weber on the Pietrangelo goal. He wasn’t on the ice, it was Colin Wilson who got punked covering Tarasenko.

  2. What does Noon have against Snow? Pretty harsh there..

  3. Tarasenko came out of nowhere, Jake? A 21 year old who was a point a game guy for the last two years in the KHL??

    Did Chris Lund not pick up on this podcast to win the Calder or am I misremembering??

    • I was arguing the exact opposite. I was saying general sentiment seems to be that he came out of nowhere but he was a point a game guy so that notion is false.

      • I thought I heard you say that no one really had him picked as a Calder but I could have misunderstood misremembering:) We will take off the waiver wire for another day:))

        I do like your picks/thoughts on Calgary and Anaheim.

        • Oh, fair enough. I meant between the three of us in the room today. Lund very well may have and, as usual, will probably end up being smarter than us.

          • Chris does seem to have pretty good insight. We can’t even trade you and a pick for Lund now since he was scooped up as a Free Agent. So you will just have to pick up your socks, work harder, sacrifice for the team, (insert cliche here).! :)

  4. The Flames won’t blow it up because of management, it’s because of ownership. They have the 6th most expensive seats in the league, are sold out every game and are “in the hunt” for a playoff spot. As long as that rink stays full and management continues to say we are trying to make the playoffs why would they change their tactics? Murray Edwards does not care about winning, he cares about money. The team is making it now, if they blow it up ticket prices and attendance would drop.

    Second point that some how you fail to mention is Hudler and Cervenka are not playing and that’s why Tanguay is playing Centre. Come on fellas do a little research before stating your opinion on the Flames.

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