For the uninformed, Damien Brunner is a 26-year-old rookie who was leading the Swiss League in scoring during the lockout while playing alongside Henrik Zetterberg, and now has the privilege of playing with Pavel Datsyuk and once again, Henrik Zetterberg. He’s pointless through two games (I mean that literally, not like, as a diss) , but last night he won the game for the Wings in a shootout with the above completely disgusting shootout move. So, so slick. Ballsy too. And, it’s a nice little tribute to his liney Pavel Datsyuk – he didn’t put it up top, but the drag was more dramatic. (Completely legal, by the way – moving forward, not on a rebound.)

One thing to note: Sergei Bobrovsky’s double take. If it were a movie, you’d say he overacted. “Wait, it’s in???”