Katie Strang of ESPNNewYork was first to report the news: Nino Niederreiter, a talented young forward on the New York Islanders’ payroll wants out.

He was drafted fifth overall in 2010, and spent time with the Islanders almost immediately. He played nine games in 2010-11, before being sent back to junior, as the Islanders didn’t want to burn a year of his entry-level deal, which they would’ve done had he hit 10 games. The next season he stayed up for the year (55 games in all) and struggled mightily (to go with a terrible run of shooting luck), tallying only a single goal.

This season, it seemed, Niederreiter had finally found his stride. In 39 AHL games (AHL-plus, really, given the amount of NHLers that were down there), he ran up 19 goals and 17 assists for 36 points. The problem, you see, is that he’s still in the AHL, which has to be frustrating for a player ready to be in The Bigs who still can’t get the call despite being in the Islanders system.

Here’s what Strang wrote today:

His agent informed Islanders general manager Garth Snow of the request last week, the source said, although Snow is not believed to be amenable to doing a deal — at least at the moment.

There has been growing concern about Niederreiter’s development since last season. Although the young prospect appeared in 55 games for the Islanders, he was used in a limited role. He managed only one goal, causing many to feel he’d be better off playing in Bridgeport and to speculate that the team could be keeping him around for cap purposes (i.e. his entry-level contract bonuses helped the team hover slightly above the cap floor).

During the lockout, Niederreiter began the year in Bridgeport and has flourished, leaving him and his camp baffled as to why he didn’t get a chance to crack the roster.

In a nutshell, Niederreiter was miffed at not being invited to main camp – and why the fuck wouldn’t he be, he was on the team the year before – and has finally had enough of being jerked around.

It’s tough to trade a guy who clearly wants out, as the Coyotes learned with Kyle Turris, but it seems like at some point, this has to happen. Terrible, terrible news for Islanders fans.


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  1. So he’d rather waste away on the 3rd or 4th line, like he was last yr, than on the 1st line in Bridgeport working on his game?

    • Well there’s also the difference between NHL and AHL money on a 2 way deal, right?

      • He has almost $2M due to him in performance bonuses that he can’t collect in the AHL.

        • Not to mention that you basically multiply your AHL salary by 10 to get your NHL salary. I’d be pissed too.

    • He makes $67.5k in the AHL and $900k in the NHL this season. Where the heck would you rather be playing?

      • TFB. He had ONE point last season. The Isles got shit for rushing him and he clearly did not earn his money. Now, the Isles are doing the right thing and having him develop slowly

        • I’d say he at least earned a look. In his 21 year old season he’s a point per game player in the AHL. That’s on par with or better than the other forwards from the AHL you hear about–Gustav Nyquist, Cory Conacher, Cam Atkinson, etc.

  2. Nino + Bailey + Ness +3rd = Subban

  3. A lot of teams will want him, but few will have spots in the NHL for him right now; the few that do need a 20 year old to play every game will be terrible teams. Teams that will have to give up something significant to get him. I wonder if he realises this.

    • For perspective, someone just signed Scott Gomez… Yeah, I’d say there’s room for someone to take a shot on a young kid with a buncha talent.

      • There are plenty of top teams that could use one extra body in the top six. A team like Chicago already has four top-notch forwards to carry their top-six, all Niederreiter has to do is not drag them down too much.

  4. Yeah, why wouldn’t a kid who finished the year -29 (the worst +/- among forwards on the team with the worst goal differential in the conference) expect his roster spot to be held for him? The mind, it boggles.

    • Guy plays for the Islanders, his -29 surely not the difference between making and missing the playoffs. He is a skilled guy that turned it around in the AHL this season. Exactly why the Islanders organisation is terrible.

      • To be fair, they hand out minuses like candy on Long Island.

        • In comparison, Nino played 55 games and was -29. Mark Streit played 82 games and was -27 while playing top pairing minutes and being asked to shut down the other teams best line every night. Nino was playing 4th line minutes.

  5. You know how cold it is in Bridgeport? Frigid indeed.

    I hear it might garth Snow on Friday.

  6. Tell him to suck it up, keep proving it in the AHL and he will get his chance.

  7. At a certain point, a guy has to be selfish with his own life. A good development and a bad development can literally mean millions of dollars in lifetime contracts.

    Anyone here who says they wouldn’t request a trade away from a team that they feel might cost them a few million dollars over their playing career is a liar, an idiot, or an extremely rich(already)andgenerouspersonsaycaniborrowsomemoneytilnextweekimgoodforit!?

  8. Do i smell a Luongo deal coming along!?

  9. This is a guy who had 1 goal, and couldn’t even get a lucky assist in 55 games last year. The only reason he was with the Islanders last year was that he couldn’t be sent to the AHL and going back to Portland made no sense. Nino should should be thanking the Islanders for collecting an NHL salary last year.

  10. Assuming NYI buys out dipietro this summer.

    TO VAN: el nino/nabokov/nielsen TO NYI: Luongo

    this is a deal that benefits both teams, NYI gets the goalie they thought dipietro was going to be, plus luongo is a sure way for them to sell some extra tickets. VAN gets the high end offensive prospect they’ll need as the sedins slow down with age, Nielsen is a very under-rated two way player (40-50 pt guy, kills penalties, very reasonable cap hit) and in Nabokov get a quality veteran back-up they’ll need in case schneider stubbles.

    I dont think this deal is all that different then what the framework of the rumoured Toronto deal was, Good prospect+centerman+pick. But if I had the choice I’d take the NYI deal as Nielsen is a better fit in AV’s system then Bozak and Nabokov is more valuable to the Canucks playoff hopes then a draft pick.

    The only real question would be does Luongo want to go to the islander? this would be a real test of luongos “Green light”. What do you think deal no deal?

  11. I don’t see how he ‘clearly wants out’. It’s not like he’s demanding the trade. It’s not like he’s holding himself out. This comes off to me as an agent saying ‘If you aren’t going to give my client, the most talented prospect ever, an instant spot in the NHL on the top line so John Tavares can benefit from his greatness then you might as well trade him so I can earn more commission- I mean so my client can earn his proper value’

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