Buffalo Sabres’ teammates John Scott (6’8″, 270 pounds) and Nathan Gerbe (5’5″, 178 pounds) are, as you may have noticed from the numbers, slightly different heights. This is adorable.

Not quite Manute Bol and Spud Webb, but it’s gotta be as close as hockey’s gonna get.

(Stick-tap to @Canuck_Pride for the image.)

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  1. what’s even weirder is that Gerbe is mostly useful as a physical presence while Scott tends to be more of a playmaker (just my opinion)

  2. Funny thing is a lot of people make fun of John Scott because he is the hockey fighter cliche. But he is underrated as a locker room guy. While playing in Chicago everyone loved him and even the reporters overly adored him. Some people were actually sad when he was traded.

  3. He kinda looks like Liev Schreiber..

  4. I’d like to see them each play a shift with the other guy’s stick.

    • It wouldn’t make any difference as Gerbe has always played with the regular long stick and not one customized for his height, He prefers it that way.

  5. I’m pretty sure that’s Muggsy Bogues with Manute.

  6. That’s nice and all, but Hal Gill (6’7″) & Ryan Ellis (5’10″, yeah right) actually play together as a D-pair in Nashville.

  7. Gerbe doesn’t even look like an adult in that photo. He looks about 12 years old!

  8. It’s nice to see somebody got a picture of Gandalf and Bilbo in their younger days.

  9. Wow – Gerbe’s quads are just cartoonish. I’ve heard Marty St. Louis has some monster wheels as well, and I bet short players in general have to squat like madmen to be able to compensate for their short strides.

    • hockey players don’t do steroids because the required musculature is different than other sports.

      • I never implied that they did. (Although now that you mention it, some of the more physical (read: fist-happy) players probably do, their livelihood depending on upper-body strength and recovery ability) I was just complimenting Gerbe on the size of his legs, and I’m not doubting that he got them with just mad squats and lots of chicken wings.

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