Today’s show was plenty energetic, as Noon, Goldsbie and I ran through the key points from last night, such as:

* The terrible debacle of defense shown by the Blues on the Blackhawks 3-on-0, shown above

* Should Brayden Schenn get suspended, fined, or left alone?

* Should we just make kicking pucks in a legal play?

* Will Brodeur ever get un-awesome

* Yakupov’s first goal

* Could the Jets be spoilers?

* And much more

You can listen to it here:

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Comments (8)

  1. The link to list doesn’t work on my old version IE with all sorts of web-blocking programs at work. I know the DJF/Getting Blank podcasts do though. Is there any other way to listen to them?

  2. Allowing players to direct pucks in with their skates would make life harder on goalies, which should increase scoring. Which is good. But – I would add that skates must stay on the ice! No roundhouse kicks at rebounds – that would be epically terrible for player safety. Skate cut injuries are usually very severe, but luckily they are relatively rare.

    Didn’t listen to the podcast, so apologies if you already said all this.

  3. When’s your first ‘system analyst’ post of the season gonna come out? I would love to see you pick apart that goal above.

  4. I miss the old opening.

  5. Good podcast, but I have to ask, what’s up with the theme music? I feel like I’m at an Albertan keg party in 2003.

  6. Injury dictating punishment seems to go both ways. I hear “he’s fine there shouldn’t be a suspension” almost as much as i hear that injury shouldn’t dictate the punishment.

  7. Did I miss the Stars/Wings recap, or does Dallas really get less love than Columbus these days? I don’t think there was one!

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