As you likely know by now, there will be no NHL All-Star Game for the 2013 season. The reason being – and this is complex, stay with me here – there was no NHL season until January 19th, and the game was supposed to be on January 27th. But never fear! Backhand Shelf is here. We’re going to conduct a simulation of the game based on the players you vote in to make it all better.

Obviously we can’t conduct a player-style draft, so for our purposes, we’ll let the fans pick the teams, with the top vote-getters being named starters. Enter your votes below – the game will be “played” later this week!

Comments (10)

  1. Why is Travis Zajac representing the Devils instead of Ilya Kovalchuk for East Forwards?

  2. Not sure how it happened, but somehow Daniel Winnik is not on this list. He’s tied for the Rocket guys… pull it together.

  3. Where are the Goalies for the West?

  4. Never mind, refreshed and now they are there lol

  5. Markov >>> Subban

  6. Wait, Hamhuis rather than Edler for Vancouver defencemen? AND NO TEEMU?! NO TEEMU?!?!

  7. so much vote for useless Kessel :P

  8. Should of had more Leafs.

  9. What? No Crawford? Idiots.

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