Yeah, this contract happened

Well, it happened. Scott Gomez officially signed his 1-year, $700,000 deal with the San Jose Sharks today. See?

We’ve known this was coming for a while now (I actually thought it happened yesterday) and, while there’s not a lot to be said on the matter, I actually quite like this signing. Gomez, while not being maligned for his contract, his inability to shoot or score goals, and his playing for the Habs, is actually still a pretty decent player. He’s not going to light the world on fire or anything but he drives possession, can get to the net (if there’s no risk of contact with another player), and is just a handsy fellow.

And for a team like the Sharks that can always use more bodies on their non-Thornton or Couture lines, it’s definitely worth taking a $700,000 flier on the guy. At the very least, he has to be an upgrade over Tommy Wingels or Adam Burish. Now I have to find a new player to make fun of on the Habs. I’m coming for you, Colby Armstrong.