Friday! Where John Noon and I are a little foggy from attending the Leafs/Islanders game, and Scott Lewis makes his Backhand Shelf debut. He’ll be our Friday co-host for the rest of the season, so follow him on Twitter, where he is excellent. We discussed:

* Ben Scrivens tough night

* Nail Yakupov’s goal celebration. Probably should’ve noted at some point that at was an awesome goal, but we didn’t

* The Flyers get a win

* Patrick Kane is nasty-good

* The Caps are struggling

* And much more

You can listen to it here:


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  1. The NFL earned the nickname “No Fun League” for banning certain celebrations. It sounds that if Mr. Bourne had his way, the NHL would stand for “No Happiness League” – Look, the kid is 19 or whatever, scored and impressive goal to earn his team a point, let him dance around all he wants for me. It’s a lot better to Oilers fans that we’re talking about his celebration than a bland 1-0 loss to the Kings, right?

    • I’m sure a lot of bloggers who didn’t even watch the game will take it out of context to fit their narrative, but surprised it would happen here.

      The crowd was ready to tear the roof of the place up until he scored, I was worried for the refs’ lives, really.

      I’ve never heard 20,000 people chanting an obscenity on live TV before, that was awesome.

  2. Carter went backhand shelf too what a #$%$%$ game!

    Quick review of the penalties straight from memory:

    A double minor for instigating, minor penalties at the same time at different ends of the ice (Smid and Horcoff), face-off violation, hand over the puck penalty, and 2 bench minors for the Kings, one in OT!

    I’m sure I’m missing some too, wow.

  3. No one has talked about how good the ice is in Edmonton for a long time, it’s a damn travesty haha

    • They actually JUST talked about it two days ago on Oilers Now. They were talking about the new arena and how the ice in Rexall isn’t very good anymore. :)

  4. Holy nice prediction on the Canucks-Anaheim game! You had a monkey spin a wheel for you right? RIGHT?

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