Do the kids still say tight? I hope so.

Anyway, Evander Kane tweeted out a few pics of his hair today, and they are amazing. “Young Money Cash Money Billionaires,” or if you prefer, YMCMB.

Young Moolah, baayyyby.

Not sure if Kane’s made this clear yet or not, but he’s rich.

Kane’s the best. I love that his give-a-crap is stuck on nil.

And hey, if you don’t like his hair, remember: it’s not even the worst Kane Cut in hockey history.

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  1. Is this real life?

  2. Is it safe to call him a D-bag now?

  3. I love it. Swag for *days*. And infinitely preferable to whatever the hell died on Jeff Skinner’s head.

    • as a fashion choice, bleh, but as an f you to everybody? LOVE IT. and +1 about Skinner – are we bringing back the 80s?

  4. He’s a fuckin’ square.

  5. Funny, he’s young acting all drake(rapper)wouldn’t see Crosby who acts professional do it but if he did prob say ERTK.. (Even Richer Then Kane)lol

  6. Nothing says “not trying to be anybody else” like advertising another man’s business on your head for free.

  7. I see he’s working hard to offset the respect I have given him for this:

  8. What is this 1988 on the set of Yo! MTV Raps?

    I’ll take Kaner’s mullet anyday over this

  9. anyones business that has 5 words, and three of them either being money or cash.. gotta be the best business ever.. o’leary would squash those cockroaches

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