I’m a big fan of Matt Duchene’s skill set, and was bummed when he had a bit of a down year last season. The good news is, he’s off to a great start in 2013, thanks in part to being awesome, and the Columbus D being less so. He potted two last night, including this beauty that ended in him stationary, arms in the air in the crease, fully composed.

(.GIF courtesy SLewis. Follow him)

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  1. Ya, I’ll pick that guy up in the forth round

  2. As I watch this GIF over and over I can’t help but think that Bobrovsky? made a less than stellar play there. Not to take anything away from Duchene’s defense shredding effort but by the time he gets to the hash marks he doesn’t exactly have an ideal angle/amount of space to work with. I realize his defense left him out like beef jerky but maybe not shrinking back into your crease helps in this situation?

  3. God bless the gif creator. This is a thing of beauty, and now a joy forever.

  4. Good work by Landeskog there to get in the D’s way.

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