After years of being buried in the AHL, Wade Redden is an NHL hockey player again. He’s only roughly four times more excited than his teammates about the Blues scoring, and I love him for that. 17:23 of ice time, and still has the energy to cheer from the bench.

(.GIF courtesy SLewis. Follow him)

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  1. Such a good pick up for a team like St. Louis. They “could” make some noise this year if Halak and Elliot are consistent. Tarasenko is so much fun to watch too!

    • I agree, this was a great pick up for the Note. Their D is stacked this year. They have only allowed; 14, 24, 27, and 13 shots through their first four games. Those shot totals are below the league average by a healthy margin.

      This is going to be a fun team to watch this year.

  2. Redden is an awesome guy. Didn’t he buy the entire team in Hartford iPads for the road?

  3. Haha I love how it looks like he got left hanging

  4. I love how him and Shattenkirk are in sync for the first half of it

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