UPDATE: Landeskog has returned to the bench for the 2nd period.

The Sharks are playing a rare day game at home today against the Colorado Avalanche, and so far, the game has been full of action.

On the plus side, Patrick Marleau became the first player in 95 years to score multiple goals in four straight games to start a season. (first player to achieve this since Cy Denneny in 1917-18) On the negative side, Avs captain Gabriel Landeskog was sent flying after a huge hit from the Sharks’ Brad Stuart.

Landeskog left the ice and has yet to return. He looked to be favouring his leg, but let’s hope it’s not a concussion.

Ryan O’Byrne quickly found Stuart after the hit.

Could a suspension be coming?

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  1. The commentator is saying there’s nothing wrong, but it looks like landeskog gets a face full of Stuart’s shoulder…
    These are the kind of fights that are ok.

  2. I agree with Fear the Fin on this one… Stuart doesn’t have a lot of options here. He’s already prepped for the shoulder hit, so he can’t really do much except 1) let him pass 2) submarine him or 3) do as he did. The head wasn’t targeted – the intent was clearly to catch him in the chest. I say clean hit.

    • Honestly, I thing crounching low and hitting through him would have been the right play from a humanitarian standpoint. Then again, Kris Letang did that, connected with the stomach on someone at about that distance from the boards the other day and the refs inexplicably called him for boarding.

    • “doesn’t have a lot of options”? Look at :38 of the clip. Stuart’s going to throw his forearm at Landeskoeg’s head even though he can see the captain’s going to get rid of the puck before he makes contact. Stuart had bad intentions from the outset. I’m sure that was clearly visible to all who were on the ice including O’Byrne.

  3. One of those hits that could go either way IMO. Tough to call.

  4. I hate, no LOATHE, the instigator in exactly these instances. Zebras and linesman should be granted discretion to assign instigators.

    • since when was it ok to start a fight with a guy just because your teammate had his head down and got popped?

      it’s really only been the last few years that fighting a dude after a big hit was common.

      • “since when was it ok to start a fight with a guy just because your teammate had his head down and got popped?”

        Since 1933 at the latest. Should look up why the All-Star game even exists in the first place.

        “it’s really only been the last few years that fighting a dude after a big hit was common.”

        See previous answer. If you’ve only noticed this in the last few years, that’s the exact duration of time you’ve been watching.

  5. Instagator? Sure, whatever, why not.

    However, instigating with a visor shouldn’t be a penalty. I would love to know why it was ever introduced into the rulebook.

    • Instigator with a visor is an additional penalty because it gives the visor guy a huge advantage vs one who doesn’t wear one. It would be like a guy in a welding helmet starting a bar fight.

  6. those are some of the most painful looking punches i’ve seen thrown in a hockey fight

  7. It was a full body hit, not a headshot. He didn’t have his shoulder raised for a head-hit, check out 0:47. The lil hop Stuart does is simply to keep his balance after the hit. Stuart isn’t crouched or launchin the shoulder. Cap Col had his head down and just ran into a wall. Lesson learned: got the puck? keep your head up.

    If he was on the ice, holding his face bleeding profusely and crying for his mothe I could see people debating thisr, but he gets up rather easily and skates to the bench.

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