If you missed the Brad Stuart hit on Gabriel Landeskog from the weekend, now is probably a pretty good time to check it out. That’s it, above.

Basically, Landeskog is cutting to the outside (and sort of loses the puck for a second) when he gets drilled by Stuart, in what some folks figured would result in a suspension for Stuart, given the contact to the head. The league didn’t pull the trigger on a Shana-ban, however, and Landeskog was allowed to return to the game because…I dunno, honestly. He apparently did his time in The Quiet Room and was allowed to return, so I guess that means he passed his tests and they deemed his head clear.

Now there are reports out of Colorado that Landeskog will be unable to play tonight against the Oilers due to “head and leg injuries,” despite the fact that he returned to the Sharks/Avs game after the big collision. I’ll update this as we find out more about the specifics, but it seems like the “required tests” might need to be made more effective.