*I need to preface this post by admitting that it may be filled with bias and hyperbole…that’s right folks, I am a die-hard Habs fan.*

For weeks (and I guess months if you count pre-lockout), I have been agonizing over the game of chicken that was being played between P.K. Subban’s agent Don Meehan and Montreal Canadiens rookie GM Marc Bergevin. I mean it wasn’t bad enough that I was losing sleep or that food had lost all flavour, but as a Habs fan, there was a feeling of dread that occasionally washed over me. A feeling of dread swimming with thoughts of a trade or possibly a full-season holdout.

Even a small and deranged part of my brain prayed for an offer sheet from another team just so we would see an end to this saga.

Well gang we finally have a result, and I gotta say, I’m grinning pretty huge right now.

Here’s some reaction to the deal on twitter.


Here are some contract details.

I think Brandon Prust sums it up nicely for nation of Habs fans.

Now I’m just going to leave this video here for you to enjoy, while I just sit here grinning like an idiot and giggling like a school girl.