It’s always intriguing when skill players drop the mitts, mostly because you know it’s not some staged affair, but also because they usually have no idea what they’re doing and things can end up going hilariously. At 32, Lecavalier’s established himself as a skill guy who’s not afraid to stand up for himself (he has 22 NHL tilts), so when the 23 year old Schenn came at him, he didn’t hesitate to get dirty. We’ll give the decision to Schenn.

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  1. THAT is why fighting has a place in hockey. Love seeing real fights that arent staged. dont care that he got beat, love seeing a guy like him stick up for himself.

  2. You can give the fight to Schenn but the bolts reeled off the next 5 goals for a tiddy 5-1 win after watching Vinny show some emotion.

  3. Have to give Vinny credit. In his 15th year of pro hockey with .840ish PPG, he is no palooka.

  4. Agreed, with all of the above. Got me smiling.

    Lecavalier w/ a fight, a PP goal and seven hits, on the night – 7 hits? Where the heck did that come from? Fun times in Tampa.

  5. Schenn has to get his helmet off asap there. Vinny was whacking him right in the visor. Brutal.

    • Why does Schenn have to get his helmet off asap? This isn’t a staged fight, they’re both willing to go and both wearing visors. If Vinny doesn’t want to punch a visor he needs to do what Schenn did and pop his opponents lid off.

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