Sometimes junior hockey games go off the rails. You’ve seen NHL games get nasty, you’ve seen refs lose control of the game, but I assure you, neither compare to what happens at some junior games. The reffing is worse, there’s less pressure to act like a professional, and sometimes you end up with what you see above. I personally witnessed a coach shimmy across the glass to get at the other bench, another hurl a stick like a javelin into an opposing team, and a metal gate used as a weapon in a coach-on-coach fight. This stuff happens.

The not-so-politcally-correct video below takes place after Noah Nelson, captain of the Wenatchee Wild of the NAHL, had been ejected, causing assistant coach Chris Clark to lose his mind and get himself ejected too. This is how he reacted.

The joke, you see, is that the refs don’t see too good.

(S/t to CBS Eye on Hockey)

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  1. What an asshole.

  2. Idiot, but I still give him points for the creativity. And for the bowtie.

  3. Classic. Call him what you want but sometimes you just have to make a point. And unlike Justin’s other examples above, there was a low risk someone was going to get hurt with this act.

  4. Assuming the refs didn’t just blow an offsides call here- this is hysterical. Not anything close to a mature response but still funny. Crazy frustrating working hard to prepare for a game and then get assigned refs are flat out incompetent. I’m not talking about a blown call or three. I’m talking about refs consistently not getting to their spots to make an informed call but make one anyway. Maybe because they’re lazy/tired or maybe can’t skate with the level they’re reffing at. This is so much better than a “you suck” and take your two minute bench minor. I wouldnt do it but I understand.

  5. But ya know- I bet someone in the league is actually looking at the tape of the game and the ref’s actions.

  6. ive seen that as a goal celebration, but this is a new level of… something.

  7. Classy, no. Politically correct, no. Damn funny and original, yes.

  8. What part of accusing referees of being visually impaired is original?

  9. What a gutless and classless move. Let’s get a few things straight here. The North America. League is a DEVELOPMENTAL league for officials, just as it is for players. Most referees in the NAHL are between the ages of 18 and 23 and are driving 40,000 miles a season making little to no money trying to move up in the world of officiating. The NAHL is the stepping stone for the massive jump in levels of skill and professionalism between the tier 3 junior leagues (MJHL, AJHL, and NA3HL) and the USHL. Guys in the NAHL work their asses off for a shot at the USHL. They do not always get the call right but the effort is always there.

    Looking at the score sheet, Wenatchee’s head coach was assessed a bench minor earlier in the game. Littler is generally a fair and reasonable coach. Clarke, on the other hand, has generally always lacked the professionalism necessary to be a head coach at any level of hockey. After a Wenatchee player was assessed an instigator (2+GM+5) And the Kenai player did not receive a penalty (haven’t seen the tape but I’m assuming the Wenatchee player jumped a non-combative player) Clarke pulled a stunt that embarrasses himself, the Wenatchee organization, the NAHL, and hockey in general.

    I can only assume that Clarke is ready to crawl back into whatever hole he came from and has no ambition of developing and moving up in the coaching world. I can’t imagine any real coach would watch this tape and still respect him enough to give him a job at the college or pro level (actually I’m sure he is high on the SPHL coaching radar now.)

    This game no doubt will help the young Referee’s development as he had to deal with an asshole coach and had to treat disrespect with respect. Shame on Wenatchee for keeping this fool around, Bliss for letting his subordinate disrespect the game, and Clarke for his actions. I hope the NAHL lightens his pockets and sits him for a long time.

  10. First of all, bowtie? Second of all, that reminded me of a Globetrotter’s game.

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