The term “Cody Hodgson’ing” refers to the idea that the Vancouver Canucks put Hodgson in a position to have success at the NHL level…but only when they were trying to trade him (they eventually turned him into Zack Kassian in a swap with Buffalo). You play a guy with some good players, give him more starts in the offensive end, chuck him some PP time, and watch his stats inflate beyond what they would actually be if given regular usage, then you shop him saying “LOOK HOW GOOD HE IS.” Thomas Drance has done a lot of the leg work on Hodgson, the Canucks, and this concept (you can read his original post on it here, and his follow up with hindsight here).

Welp, methinks the Canucks are at it again, this time with goaltender Roberto Luongo, who they’ve not-so-subtly been trying to move.

Here’s Vancouver Sun writer Elliott Pap on the case:


We know we can’t take what a coach has to say in a situation like this too seriously, because what, he’s going to say “we’re trying to get him rock-solid stats so we can justify getting more in a trade for him?” Nnnnno.

The fact is, sometimes teams have a pretty good idea when they’re not up against their toughest foe. Tonight the Canucks are at home, playing the 2-3-0 Avs (I know the Canucks record isn’t much better, but don’t kid yourself) who just happen to be without their captain Gabriel Landeskog, Ryan O’Reilly, and Steve Downie. Well, at least concentrate on the first two.

Either way, the Avs don’t seem to present a huge offensive threat tonight, so it’s a perfect time to let Lu make some more stops and improve on his 2.21 goals against and .917 save percentage. Also, 1-0-2 looks a lot better than 0-0-2. He’s been great for a long time, but it can’t hurt to show folks that the guy’s still got it.

If true, this should piss off Colorado a great deal, but an under-talented team can rarely find the energy to somehow topple a better team.

And I realize Luongo’s previous two games weren’t against completely “lesser” teams, but this is crunch time for a deal to be made, especially given the ‘Nucks slow start, and need for quality bodies.

Obviously this is entirely speculation, but why not give an easier game to the guy you’re trying to justify as your new starter, Cory Schneider? The most logical answer to me is because you’re trying to improve your odds of getting a good return for your other guy.

There are internal things and we’ll just leave it at that.” – Alain Vigneault


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  1. Using this logic, then the Canucks must be “Cody Hodson’ing” Zach Kassian. His offensive zone starts at 75 percent…playing with the Sedins. From my view last season, Hodgson had to work hard for every point he got. His linemates in Vcr were a collection of plummers and TV repairmen. If they truely wanted to pad his stats they should have Zack Kassian’d him.

    To think the Canucks feel the need to pad Lu’s stats is ridiculous. As if a few wins is going to mask the ugliness of the contract Gillis concocted in his advance stats lab far above the ice at GM place. Every GM in the league would love to have Lu in net without that contract.

    There is no market for Lu with the contract. Gillis is screwed (as far as getting anything back for Lu) and they just look stupid making Schneider their #1 and playing Lu this much. Everyone in the league knows what Lu can do.

    • Maybe, or maybe with the exception of the San Jose game Kassian has been by far one of the best canucks on the ice when watching the games. Hodgson got powerplay time playing with Kesler and Booth, aswell as a more than fair amount of even strength play with raymond, booth, kesler and burrows. I don’t know many plumbers that have had 20-30 goal season’s in the NHL, off the top of my head I’m going to go out on what I think is a strong limb and say none.

      • That being said, I don’t think their trying to build Luongo up like they are suggesting here, but to say that Hodgson was not out in every offensive possession possible(to get points) last year just to me says a) you didn’t watch many Canucks games or b) your just a big Hodgson fan cause that’s just naive.

    • Yep, if only Hodgson had been given anywhere near the opportunities Ogie has… but then clearly AV doesn’t have an axe to grind with Ogie…

  2. also, maybe ol’number 35 is sick

  3. I don’t think the Canucks setting up loungo makes sense, why wouldn’t you?

    As far as loungo’s contract its a long term cap hit but the bulk of the money is in the first couple of years. Wouldn’t a team trying to reach the cap floor want a contract like that?
    He has a 5.33 caphit now but only 1m the final couple of years.

    • Yeah, because I’m absolutely sure that the Nucks want to trade away Luongo with great stats and run the risk of Schneider being mediocre. I can hear the laments now: “How could they trade Luongo? He was so good! Let’s get the pitchforks and run management, Schneider, and anyone else we see out of town!”

      It’s not like Luongo has only played bad teams…and frankly, even if he did, he went into this year as the de facto backup or 1b, no?

      • Also, it’s not like people haven’t seen Luongo play at this point. I think everyone has a pretty good idea of what he is or isn’t whether he’s playing against Colorado or Chicago in the next few games…

  4. To be fair, Cory Schneider’s numbers last year were pretty inflated based on his opponents. I believe he had 70% of his starts vs teams that didn’t make the playoffs

  5. Don’t the Canucks play against Calgary tomorrow? Seems like that is the more favorable matchup from a goaltending standpoint.

  6. The Flyers should have “Cody Hodgsoned” me like the Rangers did.

  7. Fiou…I tought that only in Montreal could there be a controversy for goaltenders!!!!

  8. keep louongo trade schneids we will get a good trade and scheids hasn’t proven himself long term

  9. Showcase Luongo? I don’t get it. Before today he has played the offensively-gifted but defensively-challenged Edmonton Oilers, and the Stanley Cup Champion Kings on the road. If you’re trying to pad a goalie’s stats and make him look good, those are not the two starts you should give him.

  10. Are there people left out there (let alone GM’s) that haven’t seen this guy play before?…that don’t know what they’re getting from this guy?

    “That Luongo guy played really well the other night. I haven’t seen too much of him, but i’m thinking we should make a play for him. Whaddayouthink?”

  11. To me it seems like they are doing the opposite. I think of this whole situation as one big “Hodgson’ing”. Here is how I see it:

    Decide to trade Schneider, realize he cant be traded until he is signed.

    Declare Schneider the starter, baffle entire hockey community. Makes other GM’s think he must be better than they think and makes it so he doesnt consider any offer sheets.

    Get Schneider to sign a short term contract. (He had said he wouldnt sign with Luongo in town)

    Secretly tell Luongo that he is the one staying. (Explains attitude)

    Showcase Schneider this year, Give Luongo all the tough starts again, and make a suprise move to trade Schneider. His value is through the roof because the perception is that he is untouchable.

    • That is a conspiracy theory I can get on board with. Showcasing Luongo doesn’t hold a candle to this.

      • I almost buy this. It’s hard to believe Mike Gillis would be so daft as to tell the world he needs to trade Luongo, thereby reducing his value to near zilch, particularly since the situation with Luongo isn’t because he’s “locker room poison” or anything like that.

        Also, I enjoy conspiracy theories.

        • Exactly we all love a conspiracy. Besides Gillis was an Agent/Lawyer, so its pretty safe to say he says one thing and does another.

  12. i said this a few months ago, but noone listen, back to playing far cry 3 for me

  13. Playing the backup goalie against a weak team? You don’t say????

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